Shopping can be one of the biggest expenses there is when it comes to outgoings for a household.  We have all been there, where we have left a supermarket in horror – as the till receipt doesn’t quite match up to your expectation from what you put in the trolley.  Here we discuss some top tips, so you can get those shopping bills down with shopping on a tight budget.

shopping on a tight budget

Shopping on a tight budget by Planning in Advance

When it comes to shopping on a tight budget, planning is key.

Make sure you get a shopping list ready before you head to the store.  Go through your fridge, freezer and cupboards to make sure you list only what you really need.  That way you will stay focused.  If you go to the supermarket without a plan in place, then the likelihood is there may be lots of items that may catch your eye that you don’t actually need.  Meal planners are a great way to get yourself organised and plan in advance. Spend wisely to save money.

Bulk Buy Some of your Items

We all know that when you buy in volume the unit price of items goes down.  This is the same for food items.  If you bulk buy food – you will get much better deals that you would should you buy a smaller amount. This will also help you get a little more organised when it comes to food preparation as you will know what you have well in advance. You can get bulk deals on food here with items such as cereal bars, crisps, sauces and more.

Be sure that you don’t buy items that you won’t use before they go out of date. Try to choose products that you know you will use – there’s no point in bulk buying ingredients that you won’t use, especially when you are shopping on a tight budget.

Shop at the Right Time

Make sure you shop at the right times.  It’s a good idea to try and go when it’s not too busy, so you can spend time making sure you have everything you need. It’s also a good idea to make sure you go on a shopping trip with a full stomach rather than being hungry. We have all done this.  When you are hungry, it’s all too tempting to throw lots of treats in the trolley that you probably wouldn’t normally. 

If you do get caught short then there are plenty of cheap items you can grab on the go – bananas are a really good option for filling you up.

Check the Reduced Section

Most supermarkets have reduced sections.  If you can’t find one – make sure you ask someone that works there. There you will typically find food that might be nearing its sell by date, but still in perfectly good condition.  You will often find some fantastic deals and can make some great meals that you may not have bargained for.

shopping on a tight budget

Get Loyalty Cards at Supermarkets

Another fabulous tip for shopping on a tight budget is to use a loyalty card.

The majority of supermarkets out there have some kind of loyalty scheme in place for their customers.  Usually, you will accrue points for every pound you spend which you can then redeem for money off your bill, or else vouchers to use whenever you like. 

Traditionally it will be a little card that you take with you when you visit the store.  If you forget it – you can still ask the till operator to add your points on if you keep your receipt when you are in store.  Of course, rules and regulations will be different for each supermarket brand. Check Shopmium and cashback apps too, as cashback is a great way to get something back. 

If you’re trying to watch your weekly shopping budget, then hopefully these top tips will help you on your way. If you’re looking for new items of clothing, check out how to update your wardrobe on a budget.