• Chicken Wrapped In Parma Ham – 83p Each!

    This chicken wrapped in parma ham is budget friendly AND delicious at 83p each!

    chicken wrapped in parma ham final shot

    When I think of chicken Kiev, I often think of the frozen kind with the reformed meat around the edges, swimming in garlic butter. So when I picked up some chicken at a fab price, I wanted to do something different, and I thought that I would try a posh for pennies chicken Kiev – making it into a delicious chicken wrapped in parma ham dish. Parma ham is one of my fave ingredients to use, so versatile!

    This turned out to be a winner winner chicken dinner that only cost around 83p each and I paired this up with some roast potatoes with grated parmesan and a balsamic rocket salad. Of course the kids had a gripe when they seen that it wasn’t wrapped in breadcrumbs and swimming in artificial chemical laden butter, but when I gave them the look of eat it or wear it, they sat down and scoffed it and to great reviews.


    To make this chicken wrapped in parma ham, you will need….
    4 chicken breast
    Mozzarella pearls or any soft cheese
    Fresh basil leaves
    4 Chorizo slices
    Prosciutto ( bacon also works well)

    Tin foil


    Lay out 4 pieces of tin foil, big enough to wrap a chicken breast in snuggly.
    Place the chicken on the foil and slice open a opening on the side of the breast.
    Pop in some mozzarella, piece of chorizo and a basil leaf.
    If you have some pesto pop a teaspoon in.


    Rub a  little bit of olive oil on the chicken and wrap 2 pieces of the proscuitto around it, try and do it tightly and neatly as this will contain the filling.
    Wrap the foil around it tightly, like a small contained parcel and pop in a  medium preheated oven for about 15 mins.

    The steamed chicken will be nice and juicy, but to crisp up the parma ham, quickly flash fry it in some hot butter in a frying pan and then serve.


    I hope you enjoy my chicken wrapped in parma ham recipe – let me know what you think!

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  • Belly Warming Cottage Pie – 70p Per Portion

    For just 70p per portion, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and belly warming cottage pie!

    cottage pie

    Right, that’s it, I am officially flipping freezing, so that means warm wholesome grub for dinner,any Salad’s can seriously jog on (sadly, they never actually entered my life this summer, but the thought was there !).

    I picked up three packets of minced steak at M&S a couple of weeks back for 95p each, and now that all the pumpkins are cheap as chips, I thought I would Pull a mince out of the freezer and do a jazzy cottage pie. Do you know the difference between a shepherds pie and a cottage pie?

    Cottage pie is a fab meal for kids, as you can hide sooooooo many things in there and the kids won’t know a thing !. In this dish I have put in a cup of lentils in with the mince and mashed the pumpkin in with the potato.


    You will need….

    I packet of good quality mince beef

    I small pumpkin

    1 finely diced onion

    1 packet of new potatoes

    30g butter

    1/4 cup of milk

    1 cup red lentils

    1 tbsp. mustard

    1 tbsp. tomato puree

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp pepper

    3 oxo cubes

    1 glass of red wine

    parmesan cheese or cheddar


    Firstly slice the pumpkin in half and remove the seeds and centre, (as shown)

    slice off the skin, which is quite a tough job and cut of the top and bottom stalk.


    Slice the pumpkin as shown and place it on some baking paper, pour over some olive oil, season and pop in a medium pre heated oven for about 15 minutes or until brown and soft as above.


    Dice your potatoes and leave them in the skins, put them in some cold salted water and bring to the boil until soft.


    Drain and then add the pumpkin, butter and milk and then mash, but if you want a rustic feel, then leave the potatoes a bit chunky. Put this to the side to cool.


    In a large pan fry the onion in a little oil until it is nice and soft and then add the lentils, fry this for a further 30 seconds and then add the meat and cook until browned off.

    Add the mustard, S&P, tomato puree, oxo and wine and stir well. Add a cup of water and cover, cook on a gentle simmer for about 15 minutes and then transfer the mince to a baking dish.


    Add the cooled potatoes to the top of the mince and try and spread this out evenly.

    Put a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a pinch of S&P over the top and pop this into the oven until the top is nice and golden.


    So there you have it, a jazzed up and tasty belly warmer, I have added a side of pan fried Sprouts and bacon, which is easy to make (see the link below) and really compliments a fulfilling and delicious cottage pie.

    I hope that you all enjoy eating this.

    Kelly X

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  • I’m not alone….


    As you may gather I love being savvy with my money and I am always up for saving or being wise and getting a good deal. Recently I met a fab like minded bunch at The SHOMO awards. This wise group of brain boxes blog about sensible money moves, bargains, money saving recipes and even money Hacks, so I thought that I would share some of them with you and maybe they may float your boat.

    The first is the lovely Nicola from Pemblebee, a blog that shows you how to save money and budget, she is also a fab cook,


    Next up is the lovely Zoe from Eco Thrifty Living, a site that talks about being good to your Health, Wallet, sustainability and the environment. Zoe has a fab post about how to eat an entire Pumpkin.



    Cass, runs the extremely popular blog called The diary of a frugal Family and talks about budget planning, ways to make money and also Frugal food. Here is Cass’s wise words of wisdom on How to meal Plan.




    Katy from Katykicker.com is a wise owl when it comes to making and saving money and she shares her knowledge on her brill website. Katy has kindly shared her “How to avoid overspending on Groceries” post.




    Emma runs the website Emmadrew.info formally know as From Aldi to Harrods. Emma is way ahead of the game and I often look at her site for tips. Emma has shared a Vegetable Crumble recipe.




    Andy is a well known face from your TV screens and often talks about finance and being smart on your TV, Andy runs Be clever with your cash and he has shared his addiction to Yellow Stickers.




    The lovely Faith shares her knowledge of cheap and cheerful recipes and also ideas on how to save on your food bill, on her easy to follow blog called Much more with Less. Faith has written a fab post showing you how to make many meals out of one chicken.


    The beautiful Francesca has the prettiest site on the web and shares her knowledge about improving your finances. A fab post has been written about how to reduce your spending and stress levels.



    These are just a few of my like minded friends and I am sure that I will share some more with you in the future. I hope that you like their take on things and try some of their recipes.

    Kelly x



  • Pan Fried Sprouts With Bacon

    These pan fried sprouts with bacon make the perfect side dish!

    Pan fried sprouts with bacon
    Pan fried Sprouts with Bacon

    I don’t often put side dishes on reduced Grub, but I just came across a packet of sprouts in the fridge that I picked up for 59p and I had to use them up (Zero waste !)

    I flipping love sprouts and even though I like them the regular way of boiled or steamed, there are lots of other ways of cooking with these balls of love. I paired these up with cooking bacon (check my tips on cooking bacon here).

    Pan fried Sprouts with Bacon

    You will need…

    1 packet of sprouts

    35g butter

    3 slices of bacon finely chopped

    A pinch of pepper


    Start by dry frying the bacon until it browns and smells flipping gorgeous.

    Remove this from the pan and put to the side.

    Pan fried Sprouts with Bacon

    Finely slice the sprouts and add remove the stalk.

    In the pan that the bacon was cooked in, add the butter and when melted add the sprouts and 2 tbsp. of water.

    Pan fried Sprouts with Bacon

    Cover the sprouts and cook them for about three minutes until they are soft, add the bacon and pepper, then  give them a good mix around, feel free to add some more butter or chilli flakes ( which is delicious but a bit hot for little mouths.)

    Pan fried Sprouts with Bacon

    Serve while hot and enjoy x.

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  • Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes

    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    I actually feel really wrong posting this and I hope that I have not gone too far with the glass in the eye, however my sprogoons wanted to do this, and as it is Halloween, I threw caution to the wind ( So if anybody is offended, I apologise now !). These eyeball cupcakes are sure to bring you some Halloween spooky spirit.

    This is an easy enough recipe that the kids loved helping with ( OMG, my kitchen is destroyed !!!!). It is a simple cupcake recipe with some decoration on top, most of the ingredients were bought from Poundland, as I couldn’t argue on the price, so this idea has cost around £4.50 which isn’t the cheapest, but it has kept the kids entertained for 2 hours, so I am weighing up my odds.

    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Eyeball cupcakes Ingredients

    This makes 12 cupcakes.

    2 eggs

    110g self raising flour

    110g butter

    110g sugar

    4 drops of vanilla essence

    2 tsp milk

    10 Fox Glacier mints

    1 cup of icing sugar

    1 red food colour pen

    blue ready to roll icing

    chocolate buttons


    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Melt the butter and add it to the sugar and stir until the sugar is creamy, add the flour , eggs, milk and vanilla and stir this up well, making sure that there are no lumps.

    Put this into cake cups and pop them into a pre heated oven ( 180*c) for around 12 minutes.

    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Leave the cakes to cool down and make a start on the Mints.

    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.
    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Line a baking tray with baking paper and place the mints around the tray, pop into the oven until they melt.

    When you take them out of the oven, leave the mints to go hard and when cold and hard you can break them into shards.

    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Knead the icing with your hands and then put a light dusting of icing sugar onto your worktop and roll out your Icing. I cut out the circles using a food colouring top and then put these to the side.

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    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Mix the icing sugar with tiny bits of water, and gradually build up a nice thick icing.

    Spread this over the cupcakes and then pop this into the fridge to go hard.

    Get your red food colour pen and start to draw veins on the eyes ( hurl !!!)

    Stick the blue disks on top and break a chocolate button up and use some for the pupil.


    eyeball cupcakes
    Halloween Glass in the eyeball cupcakes.

    Stick the shards into the eye and then serve – now you have your Halloween eyeball cupcakes.

  • Lamb Stew recipe with Butternut Squash

    For only 83p per portion, this lamb stew recipe with butternut squash is well worth a try!

    Lamb stew recipe with butternut squash

    I am not such a fast mover now that I am in my forties, but yesterday morning I ventured into the conservatory and I suddenly moved quicker than my son seeing an open jar of Nutella !!! It was bloody freezing and I am sure if someone bumped into me, I could of easily impaled them onto my chest (get my drift !!)

    Winter is here and that means finding a long tenancy spot on my kitchen top for the slow cooker. I have some fab recipes for this basic bit of kit and use it a lot for batch cooking. I hope that you like this one. It is a lamb stew recipe with delicious Mexican flavour and butternut squash too!


    All this super simple dish requires is…..

    I packet of lamb cubes

    1 butternut squash peeled and diced

    1 packet of fajita mix

    1 tin of tomatoes

    1 tin of kidney beans

    sour cream, coriander, onion and tomato to garnish


    This is a great meal to get the kids involved with as it is just a case of putting everything into the slow cooker, putting the lid on and leaving for two hours !


    Turn this on a low heat for an all day slow cook or a high heat for a two hour cook.

    It really is that easy, I topped this off with some sour cream and finely chopped some coriander, tomato and onion. This gave it a bit of colour and really set it off.

    You can also make some homemade tortilla to accompany this.

    I hope that you enjoy this belly warmer dinner – who doesn’t love a good lamb stew recipe? X


  • Lamb and Pumpkin Curry – £1 Per Portion

    This lamb and pumpkin curry is so delicious and costs just £1 per portion!

    lamb and pumpkin curry
    Lamb and Pumpkin curry

    I love this time of year as I can put my heating on and wear my onesie with pride. Also the orange , rust and yellow veg graces the vegetable section in the shops and it often goes into the reduced section as most people don’t have a Scooby what to do with it !!

    Heaps of pumpkins are in most shop entrances at the moment and my current favourite past time is watching people trip over the stray ones ( I am going to a bad place !).

    I picked up a medium sized pumpkin in Lidl this week for 75p with the intention of making something tummy warming and soul smiling so I hope that you like this recipe.

    Lamb and Pumpkin curry ingredients

    You will need ….

    1 packet of lamb mince

    1 pumpkin

    1 onion diced finely

    2 TBS Garam Masala

    5 Cardamom pods

    2 tsp chilli powder

    1 TBS minced garlic & Ginger

    2 TBS coriander powder

    1 tsp Turmeric

    3/4 pint of chicken stock

    1 tsp salt

    2 TBS tomato paste

    Coriander for Garnish

    4 cups of rice

    2 tsp mustard seeds

    half a cup of  desiccated coconut


    To prepare the pumpkin isn’t as bad as people think, get a good knife and cut the top of, inside you will be greeted by a an unattractive site, so get a spoon and start separating the slimy string and seeds away from the edges and start scooping it out into a bowl.

    When you have removed the puke like filling, you will be left with the bare flesh and this is what we are going to use.

    If you are going to use this pumpkin as a scary head then you can thin out the middle and cut away slithers, so that you still have the outer shell. The flesh will be hard and then you should dice this into little chunks.


    In a large pan put in a dollop of coconut oil and let this heat up, Add the onion and cardamom pods and cook this for around three minutes.


    Add the garlic and ginger and fry for a further minute and then add the garam Masala, turmeric and coriander powder.


    lamb and pumpkin curry
    Cook this for around two minutes, stirring as you cook and then add the mince, fry this until it is brown,  add the pumpkin, tomato paste and stock, give it a good stir and turn the heat down to a gentle flame and cook for around thirty minutes.

    lamb and pumpkin curry
    lamb and pumpkin curry

    I cooked the rice with the mustard seeds, salt and coconut and left the lid on the rice for 10 minutes after it finished cooking.

    I also added a side of tomatoes, red onion and coriander mixed with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lime and some plain yogurt with mixed in dried mint, a tsp of sugar and salt.

    Add the finely chopped Coriander to garnish the dish and enjoy !.

    I hope you agree with me that the pumpkin shouldn’t be thrown away, as it is bloody gorgeous .

    Kelly x

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  • Spooky Halloween Hands For Less Than 10p Each!

    These spooky Halloween hands are less than 10p each to make!

    Spooky Halloween hands
    Spooky Halloween hands

    Halloween has grown in popularity here in the UK, we are following in the US footsteps and making a real celebration of all things spooky. Whether you decorate your home or just want to do something fun at home these Spooky Halloween Hands will terrify us all!

    This is a super simple, cheap as chips idea that will hopefully gross people out. It takes about half an hour to prepare and it looks really effective.

    Spooky Halloween Hands
    Make Spooky Halloween Hands!

    You will need…..

    I cup of popcorn kernels

    2 tbsp. coconut oil

    10 plastic gloves

    red nail varnish




    1. Firstly we are going to paint the ends of the gloves with some red nail varnish, pop your hand into the glove and paint away, this will take seconds and it makes me think how easy this would be if we always put our varnish on like this.


    Most people would shudder at making popcorn but it is so simple and I can guarantee that the kids will love watching you do this, when the first kernel explodes and they jump out of their skin, they will be in fits of giggles !

    2. Get a large pan with a lid and pop it onto a high heat and put the coconut oil into the bottom of the pan, when this has melted, you should have a good covering of liquid oil in the bottom, throw in 4 kernels and pop the lid on and wait for them ALL to explode, some may take longer than others, when they have all popped, remove the pan from the heat, take out the popcorn and leave this from the heat for around 30 seconds.


    3. Put your cup of popcorn kernels into the pan, replace the lid but leave  a slight gap and place it over the heat. Waiting will seem like an eternity, but slowly they will start popping and expanding and when you have a good 10 seconds after most of them have stopped popping, remove this from the heat and have a taste.

    4. The coconut oil, makes the popcorn taste delicious and it doesn’t burn easy. I put a mixture of salt and icing sugar on the popcorn, but I thought popping candy or sherbet would be fab.

    5. Fill the gloves with the popcorn and crush the first couple of pieces so that they fit into the fingers, when they are full tie them up at the opening, like you would tie a balloon and bish, bash, bosh your done !!


    10 spooky gloves for a non spooky price !

    I hope you found this easy to follow and that the kids love them. For more Halloween treats try my Halloween eyeball cupcakes.

    Kelly x

  • My take on Gousto Recipes

    Here’s my take on Gousto recipes as I’ve been checking out the Gousto box recently.

    gousto recipes box

    Within the last year I have seen several different adverts popping up on my Facebook feed advertising various meal in a box companies, when I spotted a great deal on line for three fab meals for two people for less than £10, I thought that I would dig in to this world of someone doing all of the hard work for me and try out some Gousto recipes for myself.

    Gousto recipes

    Every week the cool looking team at Gousto headquarters devise 12 meals and pop these on line, you choose, order and pay up with a very easy and friendly system and chose what day you would like your box of decent grub to be delivered. I chose three scrummy looking meals and instantly thought, I will be calling them to moan that they have forgotten something or its going to turn out like a pile of pants !

    But Boy, was I wrong about these Gousto recipes!


    I was extremely impressed with the constant contact I was receiving, informing me when the parcel would be arriving, and I even got a text to say that it had been delivered. It arrived when it said it would, and there was no overuse of packaging which was pretty cool.

    I went through everything on the list and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was not one thing missing !! ( nothing Ikeaish about this company !)

    A nice bag was provided to keep the dry stores in and everything else was kept in the cold bag and popped into the fridge. So what Gousto recipes did we try?

    dscf0850The first meal that I cooked from Gousto was the Healthier Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff.

    I checked off the ingredients from the check list and had a quick read through the recipe before I started, and it was both informative, easy to follow and it had a nice added touch of having the photos and estimated cooking times noted on the card.


    The recipe was dead simple and it tasted bloody great, it had a huge thumbs up from both my partner and I, and I just want to quickly add that the portion size was huge.


    The second meal that we tried was The Nutty Molasses Chicken, which again was bang on with the ingredients, easy to follow. However I feel the Freekeh would of benefitted with a stock cube added to the boiling water when it was cooked, however the size was plentiful and the taste delicious.


    Our third and final meal was saved for the Saturday night and it was a stonker of a dinner.

    It was Sausage Burger with a sweet onion Mayo and it was fab !.

    Again, easy to follow, the salad was large and the dressing made it very Moorish, but an extra potato would of done wonders as we did not have enough wedges.


    My overall view on Gousto is that somebody has developed a smooth, well oiled operation with a great team that is obviously working well together. The Gousto recipes are tasty and delicious.

    A company that is bringing back the love of cooking from scratch, and helping people do this that don’t naturally have the time to shop for the ingredients themselves, the whole things tastes better, is put together beautifully and is definitely a winner winner chicken dinner.

    My only reservation is the fact that it is not cheap, and this unfortunately would be out of a lot of peoples grasp, yeah, you can use the codes and get a discounted box but unless your a professional couple, retired or basically rolling in cash then this may be a distant dream.

    If you are a single person then this could work out financially well for you, as you could have six days worth of food and I also think that this is a great idea for somebody that is just out of hospital, a clubbed together gift or even a wedding present.

    I love Gousto recipes, I just can’t afford it so will keep to meal planning.

    If you fancy trying Gousto, I have luckily managed to get an exclusive code that will give you £15 of your first two orders (£30 discount). Get in contact!

  • Lamb Kofte with Arabic rice

    This lamb kofte with Arabic rice is flavourful and delicious!

    lamb kofte recipe

    Lamb kofte is one of my families favourite meals, as it is super tasty and fun to eat.

    You can always find a minced steak or mince lamb in the Reduced section, so this can often turn out to be a really cheap but good quality meal, that can easily be bulked out , to go further. Add a packet of pitta breads and the kids are in their oils.

    A nice thing to add to the lamb kofte is Parsley, chopped up really finely, as this gives it a fab taste and it looks a bit more impressive.

    This recipe is based on 4 eating.

    dscf0878YOU WILL NEED…..

    1 packet Good quality steak or lamb mince

    1 crust of stale brown bread

    1 egg

    2 tbsp. chilli flakes

    1 tbsp. cumin

    1 tbsp nutmeg

    1 tbsp tomato puree

    1 tbsp garlic puree

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp pepper



    4 cups pf rice

    9 cups of boiling water

    1 large spoonful of butter

    2 tsp salt

    1 chicken stock cube

    half a cup of ORZO or vermicelli

    dscf0880 Melt the butter in a large pan and fry the Orzo or Vermacelli until it is a nice golden brown colour, and then add the rice, stock cube and salt and coat the rice in the butter.

    Add the boiling water, give it a good mix and then turn the heat down to a low setting and pop a lid on. This will take around ten minutes, turn off the heat and do not remove the lid until you are about to serve, as the steam will keep on making the rice nice and soft.

    dscf0883 In a bowl mix all the Kofte ingredients and break down the bread into small pieces, mix this all together with your hands and work it all together really well.


    Shape the kofte into little disks and fry them on a griddle pan or grill them.

    Serve this with the rice and a side salad.


    I used an Arabic herb called SOMMAK, which goes really well with onions, lemon juice, parsley and salt. Just chop up an onion finely, add 2 tsp of Sommak, chopped parsley, juice of half a lemon and a tsp of salt, mix well and serve.


    Try another delicious lamb recipe here.

  • Gluten free Camembert and Fig tart

    This camembert and fig tart is delicious and gluten-free too!

    Camembert and fig tart

    I am so determined to show people that Gluten free & Free From does not have to be BORING or EXPENSIVE!

    With the government recently saying that they will have to cut back on the amount of food that they can give people that suffer with Celiac, I feel it would be a good time to help people with this restricting condition and offer a helping hand with their options and also show them that they can have a varied, colourful and non break the bank diet.

    dscf0824I picked this sweet potato flour up in in Asia recently, but it is available in most of the Asian supermarkets throughout the UK ( DO NOT PAY £20 from Amazon !) as it is used for thickening sauces and making pancakes in Asian cooking.

    My mind worked overtime when I picked up this flour, as to what to make and When I picked up some reduced Camembert, I though a nice camembert and fig tart would be a good start.

    To make this camembert and fig tart, you will need:

    125g sweet potato flour

    55g butter

    pinch of salt

    50-75ml cold water


    4 figs cut in halves

    1 diced Camembert ( with wax)

    1 finely diced onion

    handful of lemon thyme or thyme chopped

    220 ml crème fraiche

    180ml double cream

    1 tsp mustard

    Pinch of both salt and Pepper

    2 beaten eggs


    In a large mixing bowl, add the flour, salt and butter and start breaking down the butter into the flour and do this until you have a breadcrumb consistency. ( This is the point where the doorbell or phone will ring, so be warned !)

    Slowly add the water and mix around until you have a big ball. Keep on kneading it, it is not like conventional flour and it will break apart, but hang fire !


    I wrapped this in some cling film and popped this in the fridge, while I prepped the filling.


    In a pan fry the onions in some butter over a medium heat and cook until the onions are nice and soft with a clear consistency. Add the cream, crème fraise, mustard, thyme, S&P and cheese and cook until the cheese has melted into the sauce. Then leave this to cool.

    dscf0831This was the hardest part of the recipe and this nearly ended up in the bin, as when I tried to roll out the pastry it just broke up, so this told me that it is not like regular pastry AT ALL, so I ended up putting a thin layer of butter in the oven proof dish and then pressing down the dough into this tightly, which thankfully worked really well ( PHEW !!)

    I then popped it into the oven which was pre heated on a 180′ setting and blind baked it for 15 minutes.


    I mixed the beaten eggs into the cooled cheese mixture and poured this into the pastry case, I then placed the figs around the outside and popped a small bunch of thyme into the middle. This was then baked for around 20 minutes ( until it has a lovely golden top).

    I removed it from the oven and left it settle, the eggs will still keep cooking for several minutes, so be careful not to overcook it in the oven.

    This was then served with a nice simple salad, as the tart has a very strong flavour.


    I hope that you enjoy this camembert and fig tart recipe, and there will heaps more Gluten free recipes to come. Check out another here.

    I would really enjoy your feedback on this dish, so get making and start writing xxx

  • Chicken Tortilla Recipe For 75p Each

    Want a chicken tortilla recipe that costs 75p per portion?

    chicken tortilla recipe

    This a full flavour packed and colourful dish that is really worth the effort of putting together. It will taste 100 times better than any packet bought mix and it can use up a whole range of leftovers in the fridge. Why not give this chicken tortilla recipe a try today?

    My main two ingredients that had to be used up were half a chicken carcass and a pan of cooked rice, so with the skies a funny shade of grey, I thought that we would bring a bit of colour into our lives and feel the love for Mexico.

    dscf0802For this chicken tortilla recipe, you will need….

    1 dish of shredded chicken

    4 cups of cooked rice

    1 onion diced finely

    2 garlic cloves chopped or 1tsp garlic paste

    1tsp paprika

    1tsp chili powder

    1tsp cumin powder

    2 tsp coriander powder

    1/2 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp black pepper


    2 cups of self raising flour

    good pinch of salt

    3/4 cup of water

    1 tbsp. oil

    1 tbsp. natural yogurt ( not compulsory)

    1 tsp turmeric

    1/2 tsp chilli powder


    1 ripe avocado

    half a very finely chopped onion

    bunch of finely chopped coriander

    1 tomato finely chopped

    half the juice of a lime

    pinch of salt

    If you like heat, add a chili.

    dscf0799The thought of making your own tortilla’s fill a lot of people with dread, but this chicken tortilla recipe is actually VERY simple.

    Firstly just pop your all of the tortilla ingredients into a bowl and mix, I added the turmeric to give it a nice yellow colour and the chilli to give it a gentle heat.

    Slowly add the water and this will bind it all together, I always rub flour into my hands and mix it with my hands. If the dough is too dry add a little nit more water and if oil is too sticky and wet, add a bit of flour.

    You are aiming for an elastic consistency and when this is achieved. turn it out onto a floured surface and knead for around 5 minutes.


    Break the dough into 8 balls and roll them out with a rolling pin, you are aiming for disks around 10cm wide and not too thick.

    dscf0801In a flat frying pan, pour a tiny bit of oil in, just so that there is a thin coating on the bottom, and place it on a high heat, when this the oil is hot, place a tortilla in to the pan and cook for around a minute, lift up the edge of the tortilla and if it is starting the brown turn this over and cook on the other side.

    Repeat with the other 7 tortillas and leave them to cool.dscf0806In a large pan, fry the onions and garlic in some oil for around 3 minutes, when they are transparent, add the spices and cook for a further minute. Add the chicken and the rice, making sure that everything gets coated well and cook until it is piping hot.

    dscf0804Remove the rice from the heat and have your tortillas and an oven proof dish to hand. Put the oven onto a medium heat (180′) and place one tortilla onto a flat surface.


    You will need to try and estimate the filling into 8 portions and one by one you will start filling up the Tortillas. Place the filling into the centre and you will be wrapping them up into an almost rectangle shape, please see the photo.

    Do this with the following parcels and if you have any leftover rice, pop this down the sides of the tortillas or on top.

    dscf0809Luckily I picked up some Hot and spicy cheddar which was marked down to 49p and this was sprinkled on top. Try not to smother them with cheese, I only used half of the packet and then place this in the hot oven for around 15 minutes, just so that the tortillas crisp up and the cheese melts.

    dscf0812While the dish of gawjusness is in the oven , rock on with the guacamole.

    Again, this is super simple and this will taste 100 times better than any ready made, expensive stuff !!

    Take your ripe avocado and roll in in your hands to make this soft. Slice it down the middle and remove the pip, Spoon out the flesh into a dish and mush it down with a fork, when it is totally smashed, add the lime, onions, tomatoes, salt and coriander and mix well.

    If you want a big kick add some chillies, if not, you have your guacamole ready to go.

    I served this with some tri coloured tomatoes, which I had grown and not only was the taste was fantastic but the mix of colour and texture was fab !.


    ENJOY xx