• Easy Mackerel Pate With Dill For Just £2.80

    This easy mackerel pate with dill is simple to make and can be made for just £2.80.

    easy mackerel pate

    A super quick dish, which is ideal as a starter or lunch dish.


    You need…..
    1 packet of mackerel,
    1/4 packet of dill,
    Half a lemon,
    150g cream cheese,
    Salt and pepper.


    Put all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth.
    Add salt and pepper as you go.
    Plate up and eat with toast or crackers.

    *This easy mackerel pate recipe only uses 4 ingredients, when you go shopping next, have a look at the packaging on a fish pate and see how much rubbish they put into such a simple dish. Check serving suggestions here.

  • Baby fig, passion fruit and oat pudding

    oat pudding

    I love a sweet dessert, but finding a healthy one can be tough. That is why I love this fig, passionfruit and oat pudding.

    It is a quick, easy dessert which has some decent yet also naughty ingredients.

    Very easy to put together and even easier to eat.

    Baby fig, passionfruit and oat pudding ingredients

    To make this recipe you will need:

    • Baby figs
    • Passion fruit coulis
    • Oats – 100g
    • Chia seeds –  2 table spoons (or Something easy enough to hide i.e flax seed)
    • 2 cap fulls of coconut rum ( coconut essence will also work but use drops)
    • Vanilla essence  2 drops
    • Large bar of dark chocolate ( Aldi has a great bar for 39p)
    • 100g of dessicated coconut.

    oat pudding

    Chop up the figs and mix with the oats, chia and Coulis ( runny jam would also work).

    Pop into your serving dish and place it in the fridge.

    oat pudding

    Pop your cream, essence and coconut rum in a mixer and mix until thick.

    oat pudding

    Melt your chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water, be careful not to burn the chocolate.

    oat pudding

    When it has melted, slowly fold the chocolate into the cream mix.

    oat pudding

    Once mixed, take the pudding out of the fridge and smooth the cream over the top.

    I have added some coconut that i toasted in a dry frying pan and some plain desiccated coconut onto the top for extra crunch and decoration.

    oat pudding

    I hope you enjoy your little masterpiece – this baby fig, passionfruit and oat pudding is absolutely delicious!

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  • Honey mustard coleslaw recipe

    A honey mustard coleslaw is a great side dish for lunches or summer barbecues. Yes, summer will be back one day! If you are preparing for lunches and dinners outside in the warmer weather then this is the perfect side for you.

    honey mustard coleslaw

    What I love about supermarket reductions, like the Co-op reductions, is that you can always pick up good quality vegetables in the reduction basket.

    When making this honey mustard coleslaw I managed to get some great bargains.

    The red cabbage was down to just 19p and the radishes were also 19p.

    To be fair, the other ingredients are stock cupboard, but are all stocked at greatly reduced prices at various discount stores like Home Bargains or B&M Bargains.

    Why make a homemade dressing?

    Homemade dressing is not only 100% nicer but cheaper and maybe has 4 or 5 ingredients rather than 30 on the ready made stuff.

    How to make honey mustard coleslaw

    I chopped up the above veg and put it to one side while I made the honey mustard coleslaw dressing.

    honey mustard coleslaw

    I blended mayo, honey, mustard, white wine vinegar and seasoning.

    I tend to add it little by little, but go easy on the mustard!

    White wine vinegar is so cheap and it is the backbone to a lot of good dressings. Store this top tip for future because you will love it.

    honey mustard coleslaw

    I made a large batch for around 50p and I promise it is cheaper than any smartprice stuff and nicer than any finest ranges.

    This honey mustard coleslaw will go well with the following meals:

    And if you are wanting to serve a vegetarian meal then this cheese and onion plait recipe is sure to be a winner.