• 6 Pro Tips to Cook Perfect Slow Cooked Lamb Recipe

    The lamb shank recipe features fresh rosemary, tomatoes, garlic, red wine, and tender lamb in a slow-simmering, simply a heavenly sauce. Excellent with mashed potatoes flavoured with roasted garlic to help sop up the delicious sauce. Since all the preparation is handled at the beginning, this dish is wonderful to prepare for guests. All you […]

  • Moroccan lamb recipe from C5 Shop Smart Save Money

    A Moroccan lamb recipe that the whole family will enjoy. So Yesterday saw the launch of the third series of Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save money and what a build up that has been ! The team and I have literally travelled the whole of the UK since January and to say it has been […]

  • Lamb stuffed courgette

    Lamb stuffed courgette is a fulfilling and super delicious meal! Right, Ok I hold my hands up and say this isn’t the best looking dish in the world, BUT it is so frigging nice, who cares !. A really low fat, cheap and clean meal that you will not feel crappy after eating and you […]

  • Tasty Lamb Kebab Recipe

    This tasty and homemade lamb kebab recipe is soooo good and such a tasty meal for the whole family! This is a fab bit of grub to pop on a buffet table, they took me around an hour to make but at £1.20 for 34 kebabs, I think it was well worth the effort ! […]

  • A proper bit of Lamb !.

      We are Lamboholics in our house, however it is a bit treat as it is very expensive !. If I see it wearing a yellow sticker, it goes into my basket so quick, that you don’t even see me move, and I will always plan as nice dinner around it!. I picked up two lovely […]

  • Lamb and Pumpkin Curry – £1 Per Portion

    This lamb and pumpkin curry is so delicious and costs just £1 per portion! I love this time of year as I can put my heating on and wear my onesie with pride. Also the orange , rust and yellow veg graces the vegetable section in the shops and it often goes into the reduced […]

  • Lamb Kofte with Arabic rice

    This lamb kofte with Arabic rice is flavourful and delicious! Lamb kofte is one of my families favourite meals, as it is super tasty and fun to eat. You can always find a minced steak or mince lamb in the Reduced section, so this can often turn out to be a really cheap but good quality […]

  • Anything goes lamb curry recipe

    This anything goes lamb curry recipe is exactly what it says on the tin! This is another simple lamb curry recipe, but its got so much stuff in that you don’t need to serve it with anything, it has the curry taste but it looks like a stew. Pop it in your slow cooker in […]

  • Balsamic lamb with celeriac gratin

    Costing under £2.50 per serving, this delicious balsamic lamb will certainly tickle your tastebuds. This balsamic lamb is not the quickest of meals to cook, but it is so tasty that it makes all the washing up worth it. Celeriac is such a woefully underused vegetable but I love using it! You will need…. 4 […]

  • Delicious Lamb stuffed Aubergine

    This lamb stuffed aubergine is a lovely dish, easy to make and easy to impress. This typical Mediterranean recipe is a regular offering on an Arabic or Turkish family table and combines textures, colours and flavours. It’s even tastier served a day after preparing, so is a great meal to cook in advance. Lamb is […]