Low fat / Healthy

  • Delicious and healthy Turkish Kisir.

    This delicious and healthy Turkish kisir is always a hit in my house! Delicious and healthy Turkish Kisir. Kisir is a national dish in Turkey, and every household has there very own take on how to make it ,however, if it has bulgur and looks too pretty to eat then your on the right road. […]

  • Tortilla basket Chilli & Mexican rice

    This tortilla basket chilli & Mexican rice can be made for less than £1 each! I am being completely honest, when I hear the word chilli con carne , my heart sinks slightly. I mean there is nothing wrong with the dish it is usually nice, but it can be a bit boring, dull looking and […]

  • Monkfish Wrapped In Serrano Ham

    This monkfish wrapped in serrano ham is an indulgent, tasty but affordable meal. Hands up, I had never tried monkfish before, However when I popped into Waitrose and spotted the clearance price on the fish, I though it would be a fab time to try it. So what if it isn’t the prettiest fish on […]

  • Baked eggs for less than 40p each

    Baked eggs for less than 40p each? What could be better? Not many people in the UK are familiar with baked eggs and that is a real shame as they are flipping lush ! A frugal, wholesome and healthy meal that can suit many diets and cultures, and with the key ingredients often in the […]

  • Lamb stuffed courgette

    Lamb stuffed courgette is a fulfilling and super delicious meal! Right, Ok I hold my hands up and say this isn’t the best looking dish in the world, BUT it is so frigging nice, who cares !. A really low fat, cheap and clean meal that you will not feel crappy after eating and you […]

  • Best Boiled Eggs Ever!

    These are the best boiled eggs ever! I am not the biggest egg fan, but these little balls of protein are a fab all rounder! Eggs have so many health benefits. With only around 70 calories an egg, this is a perfect recipe for anybody wanting to scoff something fast while trying to lose a few […]

  • Aldi Giant Couscous Recipe

    This recipe using Aldi giant couscous is delicious and so quick and easy to make! The most awful thing happened to me last week, I wasn’t Hungry !! I had eaten so much over Christmas that I actually though that I didn’t like food anymore, Now with me being one of the biggest foodies this […]