Money Saving Tips

money saving tips

  • Shop Smart Save Money Channel 5

    Ok, your reading my blog, so that shows you’re a super savvy and super smart kinda thang. With inflation on food on the up, our wages pretty much staying the same (gggrrrr!) and disposable income getting smaller, now is a fab time to get yourself financially clued up to the max. Smart shoppers save money! […]

  • 7 ways to save money on food shopping!

     Here are 7 easy ways to save money on food shopping. While the rising cost of food – and everything else – is enough to get you down, there are plenty of ways to always pay less. Save the Student shares 7 ways to make your own discounts! Here’s how you can save money on […]

  • I’m not alone….

    As you may gather I love being savvy with my money and I am always up for saving or being wise and getting a good deal. Recently I met a fab like minded bunch at The SHOMO awards. This wise group of brain boxes blog about sensible money moves, bargains, money saving recipes and even money […]