• Feta and Walnut pate.

    If you love pate, then you absolutely need to try this feta and walnut pate! If you have any adventurous guests coming over or you fancy trying something new, then consider this. Again, another colourful and taste extraordinaire of a dish, it is a punch in the gob kind of taste, but it is flipping […]

  • Delicious and healthy Turkish Kisir.

    This delicious and healthy Turkish kisir is always a hit in my house! Delicious and healthy Turkish Kisir. Kisir is a national dish in Turkey, and every household has there very own take on how to make it ,however, if it has bulgur and looks too pretty to eat then your on the right road. […]

  • Bad boy spicy potato recipe

    This bad boy spicy potato recipe are a fab take on the regular Bombay potatoes, minus the oil and the calories. Even better if you make this dish the day before you intend to serve it, as the flavours will infuse more and a fab dish to serve at a BBQ, buffet or even with your Fakeaway. […]

  • Cheese and onion plait recipe

    cheese and onion plait

    I think you will love the story of how I came to make this cheese and onion plait. Sometimes, I am so thankful that my head is permanently glued onto my shoulders as I would constantly forget it otherwise, this week I forgot that I had arranged for two friends to come for dinner, and […]

  • Baked eggs for less than 40p each

    Baked eggs for less than 40p each? What could be better? Not many people in the UK are familiar with baked eggs and that is a real shame as they are flipping lush ! A frugal, wholesome and healthy meal that can suit many diets and cultures, and with the key ingredients often in the […]

  • Best Boiled Eggs Ever!

    These are the best boiled eggs ever! I am not the biggest egg fan, but these little balls of protein are a fab all rounder! Eggs have so many health benefits. With only around 70 calories an egg, this is a perfect recipe for anybody wanting to scoff something fast while trying to lose a few […]

  • Aldi Giant Couscous Recipe

    This recipe using Aldi giant couscous is delicious and so quick and easy to make! The most awful thing happened to me last week, I wasn’t Hungry !! I had eaten so much over Christmas that I actually though that I didn’t like food anymore, Now with me being one of the biggest foodies this […]

  • Garlic Aubergine Yogurt Dip

    This garlic aubergine yogurt dip is so easy to make! Honestly, this garlic and Aubergine recipe is not the best looking dip in the world, but it is certainly one of the tastiest ! This Garlic yogurt and Aubergine dip has been a winner on several occasions and I’ve even had to put the recipe into […]

  • Three frugal Crimbo recipes !

    I have teamed up with TBSEEN to bring you three frugal Christmas recipes that are not only stonking gorgeous but these will bring festive cheer to your purse ! I have made a “Oh so very chocolaty ” cake for £3.50 This wasn’t a difficult cake, but my little decorating hack makes you look like a […]