• Spicy Lentil Soup For Less Than £1

    This spicy lentil soup is packed full of flavour – and can be made for less than £1! This spicy lentil soup is based on a Turkish soup called Mercimek Corba, which is a widely eaten dish in Turkey. It is so simple with only a few ingredients, but is full of flavour and full […]

  • Gluten free Camembert and Fig tart

    This camembert and fig tart is delicious and gluten-free too! I am so determined to show people that Gluten free & Free From does not have to be BORING or EXPENSIVE! With the government recently saying that they will have to cut back on the amount of food that they can give people that suffer […]

  • Halloumi Couscous Salad

    This halloumi couscous salad costs only 63p per serving! Who ever said being vegetarian is boring,  needs to seriously jog on to some of the fabflippingtastic Vegetarian restaurants popping up all over the UK. Even the hardest of Carnivores have been taken aback with some of the fantastic dishes offered, that are not only packed […]

  • Traditional Lentil Soup Recipe

    This traditional lentil soup recipe is super delicious! This is based on a Turkish soup called mercimek Corba, which is a widely eaten dish in Turkey. It is so simple with only a few ingredients, but is full of flavour and full of goodness. It’s super cheap too at less than £1 for a heap! […]

  • Feta and Spinach Pie For 4 People

    Serving 4 people, this delicious feta and spinach pie is a brilliant family meal. This is a delicious as well as a healthy and vegetarian meal that the whole family can enjoy.It is super simple to put together but looks like alot of work has gone into it. You will needHalf a slab of feta.1 […]

  • Butter paneer curry for £3

    This butter paneer curry is soooo tasty and can be made for just £3! This dish looks complicated, but it is really easy. The cashew nuts and cream put up the price, but i only price the dish on half the cost of the nuts and cream as i only used half of both. ( if […]

  • Delicious Couscous Recipes For You To Try

    Do you love couscous recipes? Then you need to try these! A colourful and tasty meal or accompaniment, which can be served hot or cold, is great for lunch boxes and also looks great on a buffet table. Couscous is a North African dish and super delicious. This can be a great dish to chuck […]

  • A Super Tasty Bruschetta Recipe

    This simple and delicious bruschetta recipe is always a winner! You will need…. A nice decent bread Fresh Basil Tomatoes (your local green grocer has a bargain basket, these tomatoes were 50p) Onion Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Mozzarella Cut lots of holes into the bread and pop in some mozzarella. Place in the oven to […]

  • Honey mustard coleslaw recipe

    honey mustard coleslaw

    A honey mustard coleslaw is a great side dish for lunches or summer barbecues. Yes, summer will be back one day! If you are preparing for lunches and dinners outside in the warmer weather then this is the perfect side for you. What I love about supermarket reductions, like the Co-op reductions, is that you […]