Many parents are put off from online gaming because of some of the dangers that can come with online gaming. You might worry about your child or children being bullied online, getting addicted, becoming too competitive or even more harmful consequences that could arise from online gaming. Therefore it is really important that you find ways to keep your family safe during gaming time.

Tips for gaming safely

It is really important to keep your family safe and keep channels of communication open when it comes to gaming.

Here are some of my top tips for gaming safely.

Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks can be helpful when it comes to staying safe with online gaming. You should especially encourage your family to take a break if they are feeling tired or hungry, getting angry or upset at the game, not enjoying it anymore or ignoring other responsibilities such as completing their homework.

Choose a username carefully

If your child or children need to register online for gaming and choose a username, be sure that they choose a username with no identifying features, such as their year of birth, full name or email address. These usernames are usually displayed publicly, so encourage them to choose names that aren’t identifying.

Play offline

Online games are fantastic, but don’t forget to encourage play time away from online gaming, such as board games, outdoor play and Lego.

Choose a safe gaming website

With so many options out there for online gaming it is important to choose a safe gaming website.

I really like encouraging my family to use which has hundreds of games to choose from, from every genre you can think of, with more being added all the time. The games can be played directly from a web browser, meaning that there are no apps to download and no chance of your children buying in game loot for real money and driving up your phone bill.

Fun for the whole family

Plays offers a wide variety of games, suitable for the whole family. Here are some of our favourites:

Classic Solitaire

One of my favourites is classic solitaire – an absolute classic for me. Playing it helps me to wake up in the mornings, or chill out throughout the day.

Learning Games

Gaming is a great way to encourage your children to learn more, and has tons of games to help with that, including math and memory games.

Dinosaur Train Bridge Builder is very popular for younger children learning to count.

No ads

It is very rare to find a website that provides free content or games to have no adverts – after all, even we have adverts on our blog.

This is where is different.

They don’t use ads or re-targeting, saying:

We use Clicky web analytics to track our website performance to see where our site is discussed around the web and how popular various games are so we can create and publish more games similar to the most popular games. We do not serve ads on our site nor retarget users across the web.

This is fantastic for helping to keep your family safe when gaming online, as no one will be tempted to click a potentially harmful advert.

Play now

I would definitely recommend that you take a look at as a safe online gaming solution for the whole family.