This is my Approved Foods review – my thoughts of the company as a whole.

Approved Foods review

I was contacted by a Gentleman called Jack Walker in April, and he explained that he was from company called Approved food. It is an online company that sell food, drink and household goods that are either from manufacturer’s residual stock, items that have old packaging, past before date items (The best before date is just a manufacturer’s estimate as to when their products quality has passed it’s peak, however the products are still perfectly fine to consume) or from trial stock.

I had never heard of Approved food before, so I put the email in a to do list and answered it a couple of days later. When I looked on the actual website of the company, i was blown away and immediately replied to Jack that I would love to do a review, as it was not only a fantastic idea of saving money from the comfort of your armchair but some of the products were fantastic.

My first product saving that was first spotted, was an item that I had previously seen that week in M&S, it was an item called “Great British Butcher Rub”, which is a high quality meat spice rub in a fancy tin, M&S had it on offer for £1 down from £3, but Approved food had it for 39p for one tin or three tins for £1.


I was very eager to do a review on Approved food, so Jack gave me £30 credit and free delivery to choose, eat and review all the products from a start to finish process with Approved, so here goes……

It has to be said that I am not the best when it comes to computers and technology, so thankfully The website is easy to find, easy and straight forward to use and once you have registered and confirmed your email (took less than 3 minutes), your ready to rock and roll.


Once you click on the Start shopping button, you have a huge selection of offers displayed on the screen, from Milka Choc Cows,to John West Tuna to flash deal offers on wine ( 5 small bottles of Blossom Hill rose for £3, in Tesco 1 small bottle of Blossom hill red is £1.65!!!)


Several different categories are at the top of the screen and they range from Latest products to Groceries, Alcohol, Health and beauty, pets, dietary etc.

What I really am drawn to is the Dietary & Lifestyle section, for a vast majority of people who are on gluten free, low sugar, low carb diets etc it can be very limited and a costly rollercoaster, so this would be of great use to people with a special dietary lifestyle.


Within ten minutes of me signing into the site, i had 20 bags of Square crisps, kitchen roll, wine, garlic, chocolate,noodles and muchhhhhh more in my shopping basket, so when i checked out, it was really interesting to be told that i had saved 63% on my goods !!

My basket came to £29.86 but the RRP was £50.61 so a flipping fab saving.


Delivery is not the cheapest at £5.99 but when you consider this to be a huge box of shopping that has been put together from the comfort of your home, it doesn’t seem too bad after all, especially if you order more than one box, the price is discounted.
It is dispatched from Sheffield and they aim to make it to you  within 2 to 3 days, if you live in a Sheffield or Doncaster postcode, then you are able to pick up the shopping for free.


Prices to Scotland, Ireland and EU Countries may have different charges.

I am really looking forward to my goods arriving, i will do a review of the goods when they arrive.
If you have used Approved food before or if you fancy giving any feed back on their website, please comment on this link.

Thanks for reading.