In less than four years I have gone from a healthy Brunette gal, that was full of energy and omphh, that has since turned into an blond over weight lard arse !.

A running injury where I pulled the top of my hamstring was the gateway to my decline, topped with a comfortable relationship and a mad food blog, has seen me pull the reins on my exercising to huffing and puffing into my Bridget Jones pants, and after watching myself back on a recent BBC film, I was not worried about thousands of people looking at my kitchen with the dirty oven, or if I was making a complete pleb of myself while wearing special Onion cutting glasses, I was so mortified as I had a hugggggge double chin !





















I think it was maybe the wake up that I needed, but why in front of sooooooo many people !!! I have to get on this healthy eating again and get comfortable with myself !

I can lie and say I love being really curvy but the reality is that I have had to chuck two pairs of my bestest jeans ever away, as my thighs had worn away the fabric at the top and I have started snoring when I sleep as the weight is actually turning me into Shrek ! I really shouldn’t be sharing this with you all, but being brave and bold is good, and I am sure that there are loads of us in the same boat !











My Poor Stewart met me when I was in good shape and we would often go running or biking together, but he now does this alone as I am really conscious of looking like a sweating pig running along side him, and my muffing top would actually cross the road before we got anywhere near it.

I am not being hard on myself, just brutally honest and I don’t believe that sugar coating it helps anyone in the long run.














After Watching that footage, I gave myself the weekend to be the old me and then I would be on it like Sonic on the Monday and try and get down two sizes by the summer, as I have some fab summer dresses that really need some outings this summer, and I refuse to flog them for pennies !

I will face this change in lifestyle by eating healthy and moving more, fad diets can seriously jog on, as they are not only a waste of good money, but often you punish yourself for a while , then eventually you say bugger it and you are back to where you started only your purse is lighter and not your weight !















I don’t need to drink slimy, ranktastic juice that will make my skin glow, water is free and does exactly the same thing, I don’t need loads of powdered vitamins in a tub, I will just eat a naturally colourful ( not M&M’S) and varied diet and really concentrate on portion control, as I feel that is a huge battle that many of us participate in !

I am not a nutritionist or a trained chef, but I know that eating a healthy balanced diet will not only aid with weight lose, but will also make my body happier and hopefully give me a brighter future.

I really hope that I have not offended anybody, as I say this is a true account of how I feel, and I can promise you that I will not be starving myself or get skeletal, I love my boobs and a bit of meat of my bones, I just want to avoid the thigh chaffing and the having to hold my breath when I bend over, as breathing in my uniform trousers is a mission impossible !

I will share any decent recipes that I can create and will of course make it as frugal as possible….and as for me posting pics of me before and after in my miss matched bra and knickers….your aving a laugh !!!!!




Kelly X


Try this stonking recipe…..