Whether you are looking to save money or just grab yourself a tasty treat, there is no denying that the Lidl bakery is well worth a visit. The goods are freshly baked in-store throughout the day and offer a wide range of baked goods from brownies to pizza slices. Keep reading to see all you need to know about the Lidl bakery.

Who is Lidl?

Lidl is a global chain of discount supermarkets in Europe.

The first store was opened in Germany in 1973 by the Lidl-Werke Karl Albrecht GmbH.

Lidl is often compared to Aldi, although they are in fact different stores, offering alternative brands and different pricing.

What is the Lidl Bakery?

The Lidl bakery launched in stores in 2011, and they offer a selection of pastries, pizza, breads, sweet goods and more.

The Lidl bakery items are prepared daily, meaning that they are fresh and topped up throughout the day.

The Lidl bakery is self-serve, where customers can use the tongs provided to place their chosen bakery items into bags and take the bag and items with them to the tills to pay.

As you can see from the photos, some of the Lidl bakery favourites are sold fast, so you might not always be able to get your hands on your favourite Lidl bakery item.

Get a free Lidl Bakery Item

The Lidl Plus App is full of money saving coupons and incentives, and if you scan the app and spend £50 or more in a calendar month you will get a coupon for a free Lidl bakery item, to be used within one week.

Don’t forget to activate the coupon in the app to ensure your free bakery item total is taken off at the till.

Lidl Bakery Happy Hour

From Monday to Saturday you can enjoy 30% off the Lidl bakery products using the Lidl plus app.

Simply visit your coupons and activate the Lidl bakery Happy Hour coupon.

Then from 7pm to store closing you can get 30% off the Lidl bakery products.

Lidl Bakery Breads and prices

Tiger Loaf – 75p

White Sourdough Boule – £1.29

Low GI Multiseed Cob – £1.39

Petit Pain – 19p

White Crusty Roll – 19p

Italian Style Panini Roll – 25p

Cheese Topped Roll – 29p

Stone Baked White Roll – 25p (5 for £1)

Sandwich Baguette – 22p

Large French Baguette – 69p

Lidl Bakery Sweet Pastries and prices

Lidl Bakery All Butter Croissant

All Butter Croissant – 39p

Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant – 45p

All Butter Pain au Chocolat – 49p

Maple & Pecan Plait – 49p

Apple Turnover – 49p

Apricot or Cherry & Custard Lattice – 49p

Belgian Bun – 55p

Lemon Drizzle Bun – 55p

Filled Blueberry Muffin – 59p

Deluxe Triple Chocolate Muffin – 59p

Deluxe Salted Caramel Muffin – 59p

Ring Doughnuts (pink or chocolate) – 25p

Chocolate Filled Doughnut – 59p

Ring Filled Doughnut – 55p

Jam Filled Doughnut – 35p (3 for £1)

Toffee Yum Yum – 49p

Pastel del Nata – 49p

Chocolate Chip Cookies – 39p (3 varieties to choose from)

Ultimate Chocolate Brownie – 59p (2 for £1)

Cinnamon Bun – 99p

Lidl Bakery Savoury Pastries and prices

Vegetable Pizza Slice – 69p

Margherita Pizza – 69p (2 for £1)

Goat’s Cheese & Tomato Focaccia – 69p

Cheese Twist – 69p

Pretzel – 39p

Lidl Bakery Christmas Specials and prices

Christmas Muffin – 69p (chocolate orange or Speculoos)

Our Lidl Bakery Favourites

Here’s the thing…we are yet to have anything from the bakery at Lidl that we don’t enjoy.

The pretzels are delicious, especially if you have some mustard to hand. They have provided many a cheap, on the go lunches to save getting a takeaway or meal deal.

The brownies are a real treat – they are so chocolatey and hard to replicate at home, unless you are using a brownie kit.

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