Kitchen Money Hacks

Kitchen Money Hacks

  • Lidl Bakery – Everything You Need To Know

    Whether you are looking to save money or just grab yourself a tasty treat, there is no denying that the Lidl bakery is well worth a visit. The goods are freshly baked in-store throughout the day and offer a wide range of baked goods from brownies to pizza slices. Keep reading to see all you […]

  • How to use cornflour

    Cornflour makes a fantastic kitchen staple and has so many uses. It is actually quite a versatile ingredient that can be used as a thickening agent (thanks to its fine texture and because it is flavourless). If you have been wondering how to use cornflour then this post will be useful to you. What is […]

  • The Complete Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, where we spend time every day preparing meals and sometimes dining together. However if your kitchen is no longer suitable for you then you might be looking for ways to renovate your kitchen. A new kitchen can easily cost 5 figures so whether you’re planning on renovating […]

  • 6 Thrifty Ways to Update your Kitchen

    Are you thinking about updating your kitchen but don’t have or want to spend thousands of pounds? Spending so much time at home, we’re either bored of the same four walls or noticing the areas that need a bit of TLC. Fall in love with your kitchen all over again with these small changes that […]

  • Can you freeze cheese?

    cheese and onion plait

    If you have any leftover cheese you might be wondering – Can you freeze cheese? When I say that currently I am the queen of cheese, I mean that I have more cheese in my kitchen than you can shake a stick at and I am not referring to my jokes, even though they are […]

  • Getting Creative In The Kitchen

    Ad – this is a paid collaboration.  Reduced Grub is all about getting creative in the kitchen – not only to help you to save money on your grocery bills, but did you know that you can also spruce up your kitchen without spending much money at all? You will need some creativity to get […]

  • Getting The Most From Your Food Processor

    Whether you’re new or experienced in the kitchen, you’ll want to have an appliance that can do what you need it to do. How do you choose the correct appliance for your kitchen as a beginner? With all of the new technology available today, choosing a new kitchen appliance can be very confusing. If you […]

  • Simple Homemade Cocktail Recipes

    Simple Homemade Cocktail Recipes So we are well into our lockdown, and unfortunately the novelty for some is really wearing thin. While I was in my mile long Aldi que this morning, I had the idea of making some supa dupa cocktails. These are officially on the naughty list, taste brill and most importantly, are […]

  • Save Money As Your Own Interior Stylist

    Interior designers are worth every penny they’re paid. Designers spend years in school, perfecting their craft and learning the tricks of the trade. While it’s always best to hire a designer when you can, if money is tight, you can still accomplish quite a bit like your own interior stylist. I often choose to buy […]