• Lidl quinoa for just 89p

    Lidl quinoa

    Wondering where to buy Quinoa? The Lidl quinoa is amazing and such a bargain. A great source of protein, calcium, and fibre. If you have to follow a gluten-free diet, this is a great wheat-free substitute. Cook it as you would rice but wash well under cold water before you do. As for me, I’m […]

  • Cooking Bacon Recipes – Best Secrets To Buying

    Cooking bacon recipes – the secrets to buying cooking bacon and what to make with it! Cooking bacon is one big swizz !!!!! This super little hack can save you heapssssss !! Did you know that cooking bacon is actually off cuts of the regular bacon that you would pay a fortune for? I have […]

  • Lassi Recipe – Lychee & Passionfruit

    This lassi recipe, made with lychee and passionfruit, is so tasty! Lassi is a delicious and health conscious drink. It’s normally a yogurt based and salt or spices are added. I’ve popped some lychees and passion fruit in and popped it in the nutriblender. Read more about lassis here. Blend it all together and add honey […]

  • Lidl Chocolate Is Great Store Cupboard Stash!

    This Lidl chocolate is what I do my cooking with, and also it is really nice on its own. Can you bake with this simple chocolate? YES & at 30p a bar it’s a no brainer. Cooking chocolate is a lot more expensive and not as nice. You can easily pick it up instore – […]

  • Fillet steak and chips for one

    Enjoy fillet steak and chips for one with this delicious recipe. My best bargain of the week. Fillet steak 69p Sweet potatoe fries 80p Enjoy this tasty steak and chips for one! Try this other delicious beef dish and find out why fillet steak is soooo good.