Cooking bacon recipes – the secrets to buying cooking bacon and what to make with it!

Cooking bacon recipes
Cooking bacon recipes – how to buy and what to make

Cooking bacon is one big swizz !!!!! This super little hack can save you heapssssss !!

Did you know that cooking bacon is actually off cuts of the regular bacon that you would pay a fortune for?

I have honestly always found that when I buy this cooking bacon, it is often much better than reformed gammon pieces.

It can be very lean, is often very thick and is a fab, fab, fab buy !!!

A great Tip is to look at the packs before you buy and try.

Choose the leanest looking pack, and the really good news is that it is often under £1.50 !!

Great for cooking or a chunky bacon sarnie, cutting up and adding to a pasta dish, sauce.

It can even be cooked as Gammon, because believe me there is nooooo difference ! 

Kelly XX

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