• Five cheap and cheerful desserts from around the world

    A delicious dessert is the perfect way to end any meal, isn’t it? For people with a sweet tooth, there is always room for dessert. Whether it’s a gooey chocolate brownie or a rich and creamy homemade ice cream, finishing on a sweet treat is generally the done thing.  Around the world, desserts form an […]

  • Real Deal Chocolate Brownies Recipe, Seen On TV

    Real deal chocolate brownies as seen on Shop Smart Save Money

    Real Deal Chocolate Brownies Recipe As Seen on Shop Smart Save Money If I could only take three things onto a desert island, then my real deal chocolate brownies would be one of them! OMG, I have a slight addiction to them and I would confess any secret information if you were to wave one […]

  • Left over Easter egg Easter Brownies

    These delicious Easter brownies are made using leftover Easter eggs!     OK, lets talk Left over Easter egg Brownies ! I am sure every house hold is having the same problem as me and I feel so sorry for my will power, as it is currently having a right bashing with all of the kids half […]

  • Snickers and Peanut Butter Cheesecake recipe

    This indulgent Snickers and peanut butter cheesecake recipe will be a hit with the whole family! My lovely friend Tracy From The Culinary Jumble has certainly given Mr Kipling a run for his money with her sweet creations, and One look at her amazing cakes has had me running for the Treat Cupboard many a time. […]

  • Three frugal Crimbo recipes !

    I have teamed up with TBSEEN to bring you three frugal Christmas recipes that are not only stonking gorgeous but these will bring festive cheer to your purse ! I have made a “Oh so very chocolaty ” cake for £3.50 This wasn’t a difficult cake, but my little decorating hack makes you look like a […]

  • Baking With Bananas

    Baking with bananas is easy! Don’t throw those bananas away! My children are royal pains in the butt when it comes to food, they will go through a phase of loving something, I will bulk buy it ( stupidly, I’ll admit !), and then they will have fallen out of love with the huge stash […]

  • Croissant bread and butter pudding with raisins

    This croissant bread and butter pudding with raisins costs just £1.50 to make! This croissant bread and butter pudding is a great dessert, is really easy to make and its very filling, so a little goes a long way. You will need….. Pkt croissants 3 buttered slices of bread. 200ml of milk 1 cup of […]

  • Lassi Recipe – Lychee & Passionfruit

    This lassi recipe, made with lychee and passionfruit, is so tasty! Lassi is a delicious and health conscious drink. It’s normally a yogurt based and salt or spices are added. I’ve popped some lychees and passion fruit in and popped it in the nutriblender. Read more about lassis here. Blend it all together and add honey […]

  • Baby fig, passion fruit and oat pudding

    oat pudding

    I love a sweet dessert, but finding a healthy one can be tough. That is why I love this fig, passionfruit and oat pudding. It is a quick, easy dessert which has some decent yet also naughty ingredients. Very easy to put together and even easier to eat. Baby fig, passionfruit and oat pudding ingredients […]