• Easy homemade garlic bread

    Let me ask you…is there anything more comforting than some garlic bread? Whilst you might always pick some up at the supermarket and keep in the freezer (alongside frozen cheese), did you know that you can make an easy homemade garlic bread? This recipe is so simple and will save you money too! Garlic bread […]

  • Flavoured olive oil. £1.20 per bottle ( £7 + in the shops !!!!)

    flavoured olive oil

    I love a good decent olive oil for salads and various dishes. I picked up some flavoured olive oil in a delicatessen and quickly put it back down after I clocked the price, so when i had too much basil in the kitchen i decided on making an Italian flavoured olive oil. I pick up […]

  • The best leftover turkey curry recipe

    Turkey might not be a meat that you buy often, but if you have any left over from Christmas then you will love this leftover turkey curry recipe! I had previously bought several turkey crowns from M&S reduced to £4.20 each and had frozen them. I cooked a roast with one Turkey for 8 people […]

  • Healthy fried chicken

    healthy fried chicken

    My family melt every time we walk past a fried chicken shop, and even though I remind them that you feel 50 shades of rank after you eat a KFC, it’s really unhealthy and your fingers feel like they don’t belong to your body afterwards, they still go into a hypnotic state when the smell […]

  • Simple Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

      Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes……… When this was played on the radio yesterday, it really rang true! Seriously what the Jeff is going on? It’s like we are living in a film, but not with zombies, just brain dead […]

  • Delicious cauliflower casserole

    A cauliflower casserole might not be high up on your list of recipes to try, but this is lovely! This is a lovely, clean, low fat meal, ideal for a vegetarian or it would go lovely with a meat dish. It’s super easy and quick. For this cauliflower casserole you will need: 1 large or […]

  • A Homemade Fish and Chips Recipe

    This delicious homemade fish and chips recipe is to celebrate National Fish and Chip Day 2019. National Fish & Chip day 2019 homemade recipe. I will never, ever have somebody tell me that I’m looking a bit thin and that I should eat more !! Or  someone say to me “I can’t believe you eat […]

  • Sausages and mash recipe with caraway carrots

    This delicious sausages and mash recipe with caraway carrots is a real family favourite. Sausages, buttery mash and caraway carrots less 75p each. This is a banger of a meal that ticks most boxes when it comes to feeding a family. I have jazzed it up with the caraway seeds in with the carrots, but […]

  • Spanish chicken and chorizo casserole recipe

    This is probably one of my most favourite recipes that I wrote for C5 Shop smart show, it was designed for a fab couple called Lydia & Jimmy and it had to be low-cost, full of flavour and also Weight watchers friendly. This is where this chicken and chorizo casserole came into being. Luckily for […]

  • Sneaky Sausage rolls !

      Sneaky Sausage rolls have been a saviour of mine on MANY occasion, as they are a super frugal treat which the kids love, they are great at getting the kids  involved in making and are also fabtastic for hiding a whole lot of goodness in ( Honest !!).  With the help of Provident Personal […]

  • Tropical Victoria Sponge cake recipe…under £3.

    A twist on the traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe that everyone will enjoy! One very special day, Emma agreed to help me in the kitchen, I still have a bump on my chin from where it hit the floor! Therefore we had a look at the fridge and decided what needed to be used up […]