• Belly Warming Cottage Pie – 70p Per Portion

    For just 70p per portion, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and belly warming cottage pie! Right, that’s it, I am officially flipping freezing, so that means warm wholesome grub for dinner,any Salad’s can seriously jog on (sadly, they never actually entered my life this summer, but the thought was there !). I picked up […]

  • Spooky Halloween Hands For Less Than 10p Each!

    These spooky Halloween hands are less than 10p each to make! Halloween has grown in popularity here in the UK, we are following in the US footsteps and making a real celebration of all things spooky. Whether you decorate your home or just want to do something fun at home these Spooky Halloween Hands will […]

  • Super naughty Biscoff Cake recipe for £2.50

    For just £2.50, you’d be a fool not to try this Biscoff cake recipe. I haven’t ventured into Poundland for a while, but I popped in when I had five minutes spare and I was pleasantly surprised, as they had several worthy items that somersaulted into my basket. I love Biscoff biscuit’s and I have […]

  • Pulled Pork burger for under 75p each.

    Enjoy a pulled pork burger for under 75p per portion! This Saturday evening provided us with fantastic guest’s, sunshine and good food. With a couple of days of useful planning we hosted a BBQ for 12 adults and 11 children for less than £20 ( vino excluded of course !) One of the most enjoyed […]

  • Spanish Paella Recipe For £1.25

    Enjoy this delicious Spanish paella recipe for just £1.25 per portion! This is one of my top meals for when i have guests coming around, its colourful, full of flavour and something that can be eaten slowly with a glass of wine and lot’s of conversation. It can be an expensive meal but if you […]

  • Balsamic lamb with celeriac gratin

    Costing under £2.50 per serving, this delicious balsamic lamb will certainly tickle your tastebuds. This balsamic lamb is not the quickest of meals to cook, but it is so tasty that it makes all the washing up worth it. Celeriac is such a woefully underused vegetable but I love using it! You will need…. 4 […]

  • Cod and Salmon Recipes – Delicious And Easy To Make

    Love cod and salmon recipes? Then look no further! This is an excellent dish to reintroduce you to fish. A lot of people tend to avoid buying fish as it can be expensive, the bones off putting and alien to cook. People avoid cod and salmon recipes most of all as they seem to think […]

  • Tortilla tower For Less Than £3

    This tortilla tower costs less than £3 to make and serves four people! I love trying to offer a slightly different dinner, as I think my kids are getting a bit bored of Fajitas, so when I had a bit of a stash going on with the tortillas, I decided to make a tortilla tower and […]

  • Stuffed Seabass For £1 Each!

    This delicious stuffed seabass can be made for just £1 per portion and serves two people. This was a quick yet easy meal to put together, i had left over rice from the weekend, so this worked perfectly with the fish. You will need….. 2 seabass fillets 1/4  diced choritzo sausage 2 cups of cooked […]