• Smoked mackerel recipes: Smoked Mackerel & sweet potato cakes

    Smoked Mackerel is in my opinion , one of the tastiest, cheapest and easiest to cook fish on our Supermarket shelves and for some strange reason, I never fancy cooking it for tea, but when I do We all ruddy love it. Here is one of my favourite Smoked mackerel recipes. We normally have the […]

  • Teriyaki glazed salmon recipe

    This teriyaki glazed salmon really is easy peasy. It comes bursting with flavour, and you can often find salmon on the reduction shelf making it a real bargain. If you are a fan of salmon recipes then I think you will like this. I picked up some fantastically good looking salmon fillets in M&S and […]

  • Monkfish Wrapped In Serrano Ham

    This monkfish wrapped in serrano ham is an indulgent, tasty but affordable meal. Hands up, I had never tried monkfish before, However when I popped into Waitrose and spotted the clearance price on the fish, I though it would be a fab time to try it. So what if it isn’t the prettiest fish on […]

  • Cod With Chorizo Recipe

    This cod with chorizo recipe is just 70p a pop! So many people have a limited amount of fish in their lives for two main reasons, it is expensive and its difficult to cook ! When in actual fact, that is a double wrong! This cod with chorizo recipe is super affordable and so full […]

  • Mackerel and Spinach Pie

    This mackerel and spinach pie costs just £3 for 4 servings. You can always find mackerel wearing a reduced sticker and it is one of the most underestimated and tastiest fish in our Supermarket. It is also very versatile and many a dish can be made with it, including the delicious mackerel and spinach pie […]

  • Sushi Kit Review – My Thoughts

    What did I think of the sushi kit I was sent to review? Sushi has a love hate relationship in my family, and only two of us like it. So when I was asked to review a Sushi Kit, I thought the Sushi lovers would love to have a go. The Yutaka sushi kit comes […]

  • Salmon Pasta With Dill

    This salmon pasta with dill is super delicious! What a lovely looking yet simple dish this salmon pasta turned out to be, great for a novice cook looking to impress or for someone looking to get a meal cooked in no time. I picked up 2 fresh salmon packets for 45p each and I had […]

  • Fish Pie With Leeks – £1.20 Per Portion

    For just £1.20 per portion, this fish pie with leeks is well worth a try! This is my take on a classical dish using reduced priced food, and it is a fab recipe to have as you will often see fish pie mix reduced on the fish counter. This fish pie with leeks is a […]

  • Prawn Ricotta Pasta With Dill

    This prawn ricotta pasta with dill comes in at just £1.37 per serving! This prawn ricotta pasta with dill is a simple, colourful and flamboyant meal that will fill up the family on a budget. I picked up some reduced prawns from Waitrose, some reduced dill and ricotta from Sainsburys, so I thought I would […]

  • Spanish Paella Recipe For £1.25

    Enjoy this delicious Spanish paella recipe for just £1.25 per portion! This is one of my top meals for when i have guests coming around, its colourful, full of flavour and something that can be eaten slowly with a glass of wine and lot’s of conversation. It can be an expensive meal but if you […]

  • Cod and Salmon Recipes – Delicious And Easy To Make

    Love cod and salmon recipes? Then look no further! This is an excellent dish to reintroduce you to fish. A lot of people tend to avoid buying fish as it can be expensive, the bones off putting and alien to cook. People avoid cod and salmon recipes most of all as they seem to think […]

  • Stuffed Seabass For £1 Each!

    This delicious stuffed seabass can be made for just £1 per portion and serves two people. This was a quick yet easy meal to put together, i had left over rice from the weekend, so this worked perfectly with the fish. You will need….. 2 seabass fillets 1/4  diced choritzo sausage 2 cups of cooked […]