teriyaki glazed salmon

This teriyaki glazed salmon really is easy peasy. It comes bursting with flavour, and you can often find salmon on the reduction shelf making it a real bargain. If you are a fan of salmon recipes then I think you will like this.

I picked up some fantastically good looking salmon fillets in M&S and wanted to have a bash and doing something new with them. Recently on a trip to the states, I had the most delicious teriyaki chicken from a stall in a mall ( ha, ha that rhymes !), and I know this sauce works well with salmon. So after a scout around the kitchen I managed to come up with the ingredients I wanted (phew !) and present something new to the kitchen table.

I had some broccoli to use up, so after I had poured the sauce over the teriyaki glazed salmon, I tossed the florets around the sauce that was left in the pan, and just let it lightly flavour the broccoli. I also served it with some Thai rice that I had also picked up reduced, mixed with some leftover weekend rice and coriander. A word of warning though, don’t pour too much of the sauce over, as it is quite flavoursome and sweet, and you would be totally bummed out if you ruined a good bit of salmon with toooo much sauce !.


teriyaki glazed salmon


teriyaki glazed salmon ingredients

4 salmon fillets ( leave the Salmon out of the fridge for around 20 minutes before you cook it )

ready cooked rice

1/4 cup of soy sauce

1 tbsp. honey

2 star anise

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp. sugar (preferably brown)

Broccoli, green beans or mangetout

Handful of coriander


teriyaki glazed salmon

Pour the soy sauce and star anise into a saucepan and heat it until it bubbles, add the honey, sugar and sesame seeds and stir until this thickens up ( BE CAREFUL !! )


teriyaki glazed salmon


Turn the heat right down and leave this until it is ready to serve.


teriyaki glazed salmon


If you have some sesame oil heat this in a wok and add the rice. Coconut oil and other oils will still do the job, but if you like your far eastern cooking a bottle of sesame oil can be picked up for under £2 in M&S, and this would really complement your cooking !.

Fry the rice up until it is nice and hot, and mix through the coriander, remove from the heat and cover to keep warm.

Boil a kettle, then add the boiling water to the greens with a dash of salt, cook until slightly soft (mushy veg is illegal !!!! ) and drain, again cover to keep warm.


teriyaki glazed salmon


Heat a pan for around two minutes and let a little oil sizzle before you add the teriyaki glazed salmon, skin side down. Cook it over a high heat for around 4 minutes on the skin side and then 2/3 minutes on the flesh side.

While this is cooking, arrange your rice on the plate, remove the fish and place this over the rice and then pour a spoonful of sauce over the salmon. When you have plated up the four meals, put your greens into the pan, to absorb the last of the sauce and then pop it on the plate along with the other goodies…..

Most of all, ENJOY this teriyaki glazed salmon !!!!

teriyaki glazed salmon

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