Shopping at Lidl can be a great way to save money, but you might be wondering whether Lidl do food reductions and if so, what time do Lidl reduce food? We are going to explore that in this article.

What are food reductions?

Many supermarkets will reduce the price of food that is close to its ‘best before’ or ‘best by’ date as a way to still make a sale and reduce food waste.

You might have heard of these reductions being called ‘yellow stickers’ or ‘whoopsies’.

Why buy reduced food?

Buying food from the yellow sticker shelves is a great way to save money and try out foods that you might not usually try.

It also helps out the environment. Just think about the energy and materials that have gone into producing food, from the crops to any plastic that is used. If it was just going to be thrown away then that would be a massive waste of both the food and the packaging.

How can you save money at Lidl?

Shopping at Lidl can really save you money.

Lidl are a German supermarket brand who now have stores across the world.

They are able to offer reduced pricing across their range for a variety of reasons.

Lidl only stock a small selection of products – so you won’t find 5 different chocolate digestives at Lidl like you might in Tesco – you will usually find Lidl’s own brand and sometimes a named brand of a product.

Many shoppers find that Lidl isn’t as neat as other supermarkets. Items will be displayed in their boxes on the shelf to save staff time – and therefore reduce the staffing costs.

Another example of how Lidl save money (and pass the savings on to you) is that you need to take a £1 coin or a trolley token with you in order to release a trolley for your shopping. This ensures that you bring your trolley back to the designated area and saves them having to pay staff to collect trolleys.

Lidl also have their own app where you can get up to £12 off your shopping per month.

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Do Lidl reduce food?

You might be wondering whether Lidl reduce their food prices.

The good news is that yes, Lidl do reduce the price of their food, as well as other items like the flowers at Lidl.

Lidl do two reductions – the first one offers you 30% off the full price and then a final reduction takes place where you can find items as cheap as 10p!

What time do Lidl reduce food?

The reduction times at Lidl will vary between stores, however we’ve found that we can get the first reductions (30% off) throughout the day, but they are best at our store after 3pm.

Lidl’s second reduction takes place around 6pm, or earlier on days before the stores will be closed, such as Christmas Eve.

How to spot a Lidl reduction

what time do Lidl reduce food

Lidl reductions can either be found on their dedicated reduction shelf, or on the shelves alongside the product.

Lidl generally have 3 reduction shelves across the store – one in the meat section, one in the chilled section and one in the ‘Middle of Lidl’ aisles.

Spotting the Lidl reductions is easy – the 30% off Lidl reduction stickers are bright orange, and show both the full and reduced prices on the sticker.

The final reduction stickers are green circles.

Other store reduction times

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