• Valley Fest

      Valley Fest  2019 has  welcomed so many summer festivals across the UK however, my absolute favourite has to be Valley Fest in the South West ! Soooooooo many boxes are ticked with this weekend of fun from family friendly and pretentious free, which is a must for me as I like to feel welcome […]

  • A teenage adventure at Aqua Park Cardiff !

    An Aqua Park Cardiff Review A ruddy fab teenage adventure in Cardiff ! So its rapidly approaching that time of year where the teachers air punch and the many owners of teenagers, start rubbing their temples with a dash of despair ! Yes, its the summer holidays where purses run dry and parents run around […]

  • Shop Smart Save Money Channel 5

    Ok, your reading my blog, so that shows you’re a super savvy and super smart kinda thang. With inflation on food on the up, our wages pretty much staying the same (gggrrrr!) and disposable income getting smaller, now is a fab time to get yourself financially clued up to the max. Smart shoppers save money! […]

  • CBD has entered the building !

    I could start this post with so many opening lines…from a comical approach, an angry start off or even a weepy one liner ! But I am going to bring you into our whirlwind of a life that started around three years ago, and give you an understanding of living with a teenage girl with […]

  • Christmas Ideas For Teen Boys

    Looking for some Christmas ideas for teen boys? Look no further! Here are some fab Christmas ideas for teen boys that might take your fancy. OMG, soap on a rope and chocolate coins are so yesterday and if your quivering over what to buy for this mind numbing age at Christmas, then I am here to help with […]

  • Admiral Young Driver review by a 12 year old !

    My 12 year old son Arin really is Magic ! He knows Everything, is never EVER wrong and assures me that cups and plates will load themselves into the dishwasher while he just stands and stares at them ! Arin is a tween that is progressing into a teen (Let us pray !!) and I […]

  • New Papa Johns Deep Crust Review

    We wanted to try the new Papa Johns Deep Crust…so we did! I was contacted by Papa John HQ and was asked to give my honest thoughts on the latest edition to their menu The Deep Crust ! Fresh out of the Pizza testing laboratory, this masterpiece is a force to be reckoned with if you like your base […]

  • Aldi Ready Set Cook Meal kit review

    See what we thought of the Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kits. Move over Gourmet Meal kits with the oh so Gourmet prices… there is a new kid in town and it is gonna knock you for six! Ready to cook supermarket meals Cooking from scratch is thankfully the latest craze to hit our homes, […]

  • A Pizza Fakeaway From My Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    We love using our wood fired pizza oven to have a ‘takeaway’ pizza, except made at home! It is oh so good! When I told my children we would be having a pizza oven for the garden delivered, we had several air punches and happy dances. My family LOVE pizza and our takeaway of choice […]

  • Keeping Chickens with the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop

    Have you considered keeping chickens? Here’s our review of the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop. The Eglu Go Up review has taken a while for me to put together as I really wanted to see how I felt and got on with the product before I made my views known. I would love to live […]