Ok, your reading my blog, so that shows you’re a super savvy and super smart kinda thang. With inflation on food on the up, our wages pretty much staying the same (gggrrrr!) and disposable income getting smaller, now is a fab time to get yourself financially clued up to the max.

Smart shoppers save money!

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I have joined forces with Fiona Philips, Gaby Roslin and the brainbox of the money world Andy Super Cash, to bring a weekly hour-long show to share with you the latest deals, savvy shopping tricks and top tips on how to make your buck go further.

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Every week my savvy shopping Rivals the twins Joleisa and I go head to head to try to fetch you the best shopping bargains and give you shopping tips along the way.

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So please join my greatest fans ( AKA my mum and Nan !) and check out Shop Smart Save Money for yourself, the smile inducing and cost saving tricks we that we all share.

Channel 5 Wednesday 8pm & Saturday 7.30pm

Catch you soon….

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Why you should visit a Discount Store !!!

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