What time do Tesco reduce food?

Tesco Reduction times are pretty standard, however these can slightly vary from store to store, staffing levels, amount of sell by date food to be moved and specific holidays. I have had many a fab bargain from the Tesco reduction aisle from a pullet of grapes for 9p to some deliciously flavoured pack of four chicken kebabs for 30p!

If you get to Tesco during reduction time, or the magic hour as it is known, you can pick up some of the best bargains out there! So what time do Tesco reduce food? Is there an exact time we should be heading to their reduction aisles?

Supermarket reduction times

what time do Tesco reduce food

What time do Tesco reduce food?

Tesco Reduction times have been supplied to me by my secret spy! They usually have three waves of reductions my spy has informed me. So what time do Tesco reduce food?

Look for the reduction stickers!

The first being around 9am when they tend to knock around 10% off items, so a bag of pasta that is normally £1 would go down to 90p. The second wave of Tesco reductions is around 4pm mark where things can go down by around 30%, so a tray of minced beef which was previously be £3 would go down to around £2.10 . However, the best time to pick up a Tesco reduction is on the third and final reduction where things can go down by 90% !

So a tub of natural yogurt which was originally £2 could actually go down as low as 20p or a chicken that was originally £4 could be sold for 80p. These reductions usually start around the 7pm mark, but it is always a good idea to ask a member of staff in your local Tesco to confirm this.

However, if you do come across a staff member with a reduction gun, Please be courteous and do not hang on their shoulder, give them space and be respectful and just take what you need. 

Happy Shopping X

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