• The best leftover turkey curry recipe

    Turkey might not be a meat that you buy often, but if you have any left over from Christmas then you will love this leftover turkey curry recipe! I had previously bought several turkey crowns from M&S reduced to £4.20 each and had frozen them. I cooked a roast with one Turkey for 8 people […]

  • Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

    slow cooker chocolate cake

    Have you ever thought about making a slow cooker chocolate cake? I really wish that I was with the 3% of the human population that really disliked chocolate, but unfortunately, I can hold my hand up and say that I am a fully-fledged chocaholic. Cadburys, Galaxy, and Nestle are top of my list, but when […]

  • Christmas Pork and cranberry sausage rolls.

    Tasty pork and cranberry sausage rolls These babies have to be my best Christmas recipe to date, as they are full on flavour, they look impressive and they are cheap as chips to make. I bought all of my ingredients from Aldi and it came in at under £3 which was great as I made loadssssss. […]

  • Christmas Ideas For Teen Boys

    Looking for some Christmas ideas for teen boys? Look no further! Here are some fab Christmas ideas for teen boys that might take your fancy. OMG, soap on a rope and chocolate coins are so yesterday and if your quivering over what to buy for this mind numbing age at Christmas, then I am here to help with […]

  • Leftover Christmas chocolate recipes

    These delicious leftover Christmas chocolate recipes are so worth a try! Well my 2019 Healthy start was supposed to commence yesterday, but a New years day Party stopped that, then today after operation bare house was finished I realised we had several boxes of chocolates with a couple of no ones favourites left. So rather […]

  • Kids on Christmas Eve are the best form of Contraception !

    Well the best part of Christmas for me was most definitely climbing ( or crawling !) into bed on Christmas night ! The kids carried themselves off to bed as they were zombified, “DO YOU RELISE HOW TIRING IT IS OPEN PRESENTS”……..announced my son !! He most definitely does not have any comprehension of the stress involved […]

  • Posh Canapes for Pennies

    These posh canapes are delicious and you can make them for mere pennies! I am sat here typing this out with one finger, as I stupidly touched my eye after cutting the Chili and I am now sat with a cold flannel to try and dull the burn, there is no hope for me honestly!  […]

  • Turkey Pie From Leftover Turkey

    This delicious turkey pie is something a little different from the usual turkey curry! Last Boxing day we made a huge earthquake of a decision to NOT having the annual Turkey curry on Boxing day, and decided on having a turkey pie with feta, which was actually fanflipping tastic ! Feta can be picked up […]

  • Three frugal Crimbo recipes !

    I have teamed up with TBSEEN to bring you three frugal Christmas recipes that are not only stonking gorgeous but these will bring festive cheer to your purse ! I have made a “Oh so very chocolaty ” cake for £3.50 This wasn’t a difficult cake, but my little decorating hack makes you look like a […]