Well the best part of Christmas for me was most definitely climbing ( or crawling !) into bed on Christmas night ! The kids carried themselves off to bed as they were zombified, “DO YOU RELISE HOW TIRING IT IS OPEN PRESENTS”……..announced my son !!

He most definitely does not have any comprehension of the stress involved of constantly losing the scissors or tape when you are wrapping presents,  the Military operation of hiding presents from prying eyes, which even the hottest SAS guy would fail Miserably on, Or the cursing that occurs when the Amazon delivery does not Arrive AAAHHHGGGGGGG !!!!!

So yes, I owned my new M&S pyjamas last night and my Pillow welcomed me well !

Another highlight for me was the fact that the kids did not wake up until 08.45 ( I shit you not !) so I actually felt pretty human while swimming in wrapping paper after they opened their stockings. It was really hard buying stockings fillers for a 11 year old boy, so his diet is going to consist of Haribo, Chocolate and Sour sweets for the next week (hey we all think of weight gain in January). And I flipping love a hyper kid, NOT…..again, another great form of contraception for someone feeling broody !



The move to the Lounge went well, and the Blackmail of eat your breakfast before you open your presents, was met with some serious hacked off stares ( HO HO HO !)

Again, we were soon drowning in a sea of wrapping paper, but Mr OCD had that sorted in minutes with a black bag and some stifled giggles from me , when he stood on some Lego, I do love other people doing it. (Did you know that kneeling on Lego is almost in the same pain category as childbirth !!)

When the last present was opened, a fantastic calm fell on the house as the children retracted back to their bedrooms and I was left to put on my war paint and tackle the dinner. I managed to get dinner for a fab price, with all the veg at crazy prices and a half price Turkey in M&S on Christmas Eve at 4pm, Christmas dinner fell in at around £1.87 pp for 8 dinners, which I thought was fab !.

Turkey £8

Parsnips, potatoes, carrots 20p Each

Cabbage 5p

sprouts 9p

Bum beepers ( home made) £1.20

Cocktail sausages ( With cooking bacon, Homemade Pigs in Blankets) £1

Profiterole Tower £2.80

I am so sorry that I have no photos, but it was a tad manic.



The dinner went well and my father in law was packed a dinner for the following day, I am a feeder, and I do warn people that come into a close proximity of my kitchen that they should be afraid !. Operation clean up did not take too long, thanks to several pairs of hands and the faithful dish washer, I actually think that the two best inventions ever are the Epidural and a Dish washer, I actually feel that I owe some of my life to these fab inventors, I am happy to call them my friends for life !

We had two hours of peace. Noddy with his “Its Christmas Song” were very happily muted, even Chris Martin was told to run and jump, just while I had chance to Sit down, admire my new Pandora Ring and appreciate my lovely cup of coffee. I had a while until the masses were upon us, so I slowly got the buffet table ready ( mostly with reduced party grub, may I add) and wait for the noise to hit us.


It is so lovely having the family around as it is nice to see them , however I do understand why my Grandad forgets his hearing aid on every family gathering, you could shout questions to him and he just looks at you blankly, sat there in his Christmas jumper and pretends he can’t hear you, However, you whisper buffet is open and he is stood in front of you with his plate before you even take a breath, That man is magic !

The buffet was fine, However, I bought a Ham from Lidl, which was baked in Orange sauce and it just looked like a dead Whales tongue to me , so I couldn’t eat it, if you fancy a ham sandwich, just pop over ! My Thai baskets went down well, as well as my shish kebabs ( recipe to follow) and I got change out of £20 for a nice sized buffet !


I didn’t have to turn the lights on and off this year to give people a hint, which was a change and after everybody had been waved off, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders, My bath was run with my new Sanctuary products added, my new PJ’s waited for me to grace them and my pillow beckoned me to its lair.

I took one last look at the now present free tree and  thought thank God for that as I sprinted up the stairs to my Idea of heaven,


I hope you all had a fab day !.

Kelly X