Gluten free

  • How to use cornflour

    Cornflour makes a fantastic kitchen staple and has so many uses. It is actually quite a versatile ingredient that can be used as a thickening agent (thanks to its fine texture and because it is flavourless). If you have been wondering how to use cornflour then this post will be useful to you. What is […]

  • Bad boy spicy potato recipe

    This bad boy spicy potato recipe are a fab take on the regular Bombay potatoes, minus the oil and the calories. Even better if you make this dish the day before you intend to serve it, as the flavours will infuse more and a fab dish to serve at a BBQ, buffet or even with your Fakeaway. […]

  • Monkfish Wrapped In Serrano Ham

    This monkfish wrapped in serrano ham is an indulgent, tasty but affordable meal. Hands up, I had never tried monkfish before, However when I popped into Waitrose and spotted the clearance price on the fish, I though it would be a fab time to try it. So what if it isn’t the prettiest fish on […]

  • Gluten free pancakes

    These gluten free pancakes are savoury and gorgeously good! The world of gluten free does not ever have to be dull and boring, with new products coming on the market ( often expensive, I agree !) and new ways of using ingredients, the culinary world is opening up to accommodate such diets ! I previously […]

  • Gluten free Camembert and Fig tart

    This camembert and fig tart is delicious and gluten-free too! I am so determined to show people that Gluten free & Free From does not have to be BORING or EXPENSIVE! With the government recently saying that they will have to cut back on the amount of food that they can give people that suffer […]

  • Gluten free Stuffing for £1.50

    This gluten free stuffing costs just £1.50! Not the grandest of photos i agree, however, this has been requested by several people and it is by far the nicest stuffing that we ( 9 of us !!!!) Have eaten. It is easy to make, very cheap and it made a huge batch, half of which […]