This gluten free stuffing costs just £1.50!

Gluten free stuffing
Gluten free stuffing

Not the grandest of photos i agree, however, this has been requested by several people and it is by far the nicest stuffing that we ( 9 of us !!!!) Have eaten.
It is easy to make, very cheap and it made a huge batch, half of which you would be able to freeze, ready for your next roast.


You will need……

Around 15 finely chopped sage leaves

6 sausages ( check the ingredients for gluten products)

1 box of gluten free biscuits ( sweet biscuits)

1 onion finely chopped

2 chicken or vegetable stock cubes

50g butter

Salt & pepper


Melt the butter and add the sage and onion. Fry it until the onion goes soft.
Dissolve the stock cubes in 300ml of boiling water and add to the sage and onion and stir well, put to the side and turn off the heat.


Place the biscuits inside 2 bag’s and knock down into crumbs.
Mix with the sage and onion and let it stand for a while so that the biscuits can absorb the liquid.


It’s not the prettiest of sites but stick with it.


Transfere the mix into an oven proof dish and place in the oven, alongside your meet halfway through its cooking.


The photo does not do this stuffing justice, but it was fanflippingtastic !!!!


All 9 of us agreed !!!!

Arin, my son is sulking as he had scoffed his mains and was eagerly awaiting his pudding.
This roast for 9 people, with desserts cost only £1.80 per head.

Enjoy this with a delicious roast dinner!