This butternut squash stirfry with sticky wings is a really fulfilling dish!

Butternut squash stirfry

Get the napkins ready for this butternut squash stirfry with sticky wings dish as they are certainly sticky but deliciously worth it.
Again a simple dish, with minimal fuss, healthy yet with a naughty edge.


You will need…….

12 or more chicken wings.
Stir fry worthy vegetables, (the more colourful the better)
Soy sauce
2 tbsp honey
2tsp chinese 5 spice
1tsp chilli flakes
1tsp teriyaki sauce
2 tsp oyster sauce

* please note, not all sauces have to be used if not available.


Mix some honey, 2tsp of soya sauce, five spice and if available chicken marinade together and Put to the side.

Pop the chicken under the grill and brown on both sides

When its browned off, coat it in the sauce and pop it into the oven for 15 minutes on a medium heat.


While the chicken is cooking, pop some sesame oil in a wok and heat it, add 2 tsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of oyster sauce and 1tsp of teriyaki. Heat it up and add the vegetables.


Cook the vegetables in the sauce , frequently moving them about for around 4 mins ( or as soft or al dente as desired).

Plate up the butternut squash stirfry, place the chicken on top and sprinkle over some sesame seeds.


Most importantly enjoy xxxxxx

The butternut squash stirfry would also go down a treat with this crispy chilli beef.