Shopping at Lidl might be a new experience for you, bit it is one that can save you a ton of money. Whilst we love getting reductions from major supermarkets, shopping at Lidl permanently makes a great way to save money.

Before you go shopping at Lidl

Before you head out on your new adventure, make sure that you have downloaded the Lidl Plus app onto your phone. This loyalty app is fantastic – spend £100 per calendar month and get £2 off your shopping, or spend £200 per calendar month to get £10 off your shopping, not to mention the extra money off coupons.

Take your own bags with you to save money.

Take a £1 coin to get your trolley.

Don’t expect to buy your usual brands – Lidl sell most items but you might not get access to your usual choice of brands whilst shopping at Lidl.

What to buy whilst shopping at Lidl

If you are planning on shopping at Lidl you might be wondering what is actually worth buying at Lidl then I have a great list for you.

Emma from Mrs Pinch says ‘you have to try the West Country butter from Lidl. You can buy the spreadable version or the block version and both are absolutely delicious‘.

Jennifer from Mighty Mama Bear says “Their Freeway diet cola tastes just like Pepsi Max but is only 40p! We also like their Snaktastic cheese puffs, they taste nicer than Wotsits and only 55p for a big bag.”

Shopping at Lidl cocktail

Debz from Wannabe Princess loves a ‘cheeky can of cheap cocktail‘.

There’s actually a list of things! Their fresh bread & doughnuts are my favourite. They do a chilled apple and raspberry juice which is lovely. I always buy the mini sweet peppers and mini cucumbers for my children’s lunchboxes, they love them!‘ says Rachel from What Rachel Says. Shopping at Lidl

Kaylea from Will Flirt For Food is a big fan of ‘Lidl maple bacon, orzo, pancetta, houmous, tiger bread, yum yums, all the Hortus gin!

Honestly, a couple of the 59p brownies from their bakery section. The best brownies ever.‘ says Katie from Away With Katie.

Katie from Katie Saves adores the deluxe all-butter cookies calling them ‘Absolutely horrendous for you but AMAZING’.

Sam from Testing Time Blog managed a bag a bargain red Silvercrest stand mixer for ‘£40 just before Christmas‘ – reminding us that you can get some great bargain buys in store.

‘Some Skullcandy wireless headphones for £30‘ were a bargain buy for Sam from Pretty Core too!

Shopping at Lidl sushi

Tony from Thrifty Husband is addicted to their sushi, saying ‘hands down the best prepackaged sushi that I have ever had. Even compared to places like M&S and Waitrose, I would rather have the £1.69 sushi from Lidl.’

Jennifer from Monethalia rates their gluten-free stuff saying ‘I love their gluten-free just free chocolate brownie mix for only £1.29. Gluten-free stuff is normally much more expensive

Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof says that ‘their fresh goats cheese, pesto and sun dried tomato breads and their hazelnut chocolate doughnuts are our shopping day treat each week!

Another fan of the cookies, this time the double chocolate chip cookies, is Jennifer from Rice Cakes and Raisins who says ‘I love the double chocolate chip cookies from the bakery section. They are so good (and the reason why my trousers don’t fit!!!‘.

Melanie from Best Things To Do In Cambridge thinks the jam is a bargain stating ‘Strawberry jam! Maribel strawberry jam is delicious and only 54p!

If you love hand wash, then Molly from Lovely Local Indie recommends the Cien hand washes saying ‘I absolutely love the Cien hand washes. There are three scents: orange and bergamot, pomegranate and ginger (my favourite!) and lime and patchouli, all are lovely, they don’t dry my hands out and they’re only 75p!

Chloe from Nyxie’s Nook says people ‘MUST have the candle collection from Lidl. I love them so, so much.’

Nishi from Nishi V loves the ‘plain croissants from their bakery!  They’re always so soft and flaky.. only cost 37p too!