These summer roast potatoes are healthy, delicious and oh so good!

These dill potatoes scream summer and are not only super healthy but also 100% delicious. Dill is like marmite unfortunately, you either love it or hate it! The UK are not a huge user of dill, however, the middle east and eastern Europe are huge fans with many recipes featuring this little green stem. I was first introduced to Dill by a Georgian lady who served broiled courgette and dill in a light brine and they were amazing. Of course, dill and fish are a fab combination, but dill is equally fab in dips, vegetables, and meat.

This is a great salad recipe, which is great for the hot summer months ( I am being optimistic guys !) and is an ideal BBQ side. Also, often very frugal as you can spot the dill wearing a reduced sticker.

How to make the best summer Roast potatoes.


How to make the best summer Roast potatoes.

Recipe for Summer Roast Potatoes

You will need…

8 diced potatoes with skins on

A handful of dill chopped

4 spring onions finely diced

Olive oil for roasting

Sea salt

How to make the best summer Roast potatoes.


Parboil the potatoes in some salted water and drain well.

Place the potatoes on a baking tray and drizzle over some olive oil and sprinkle on some sea salt.

Roast in a pre heated oven for around an hour or until the potatoes are browned and crispy.

Mix the potatoes with the dill and spring onion and serve either hot or cold.

It really is that easy! Why not make these vegan yorkshire puddings too?

Enjoy XX

best summer roast potatoes

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