This tasty Stilton salad with celeriac and almond is so delicious and costs pennies to make!

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

Well it is a Monday and all of my Mondays start off with me promising myself That this week I am going to be so healthy and well behaved ! When I get out of bed and turn on the coffee machine, this promise kind of melts away, as I fancy a little biscuit, which soon turns into several, and then my healthy Monday turns into a Healthy Tuesday….get my drift !

I really pray that one day it will be so uber cool to have a Muffin top, chunky legs and creased clothes, this will be all my Christmases, birthdays and lay ins rolled into one,,,ahhhhhh a girl can dream aye !

So this healthy picture above is that of a Stilton Salad, which really is super tasty and healthy, if you have never used a celeriac before, don’t threat it is easy peasy ! This takes less than ten minutes to get ready, and the colour and presentation of the dish would look fab on a buffet table, next to a piece of fish or on its own. A Celeriac  is not very high in the attractive looking vegetables stakes, but with them being high in vitamins, calcium and Iron , it is a great piece of veg that is worth introducing, you can often see these reduced as not many people know how to use them, so make this your advantage and use them with other potatoes to make a mash, gratin or just in a salad.

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

You will need……

1 Celeriac

2 Carrots

1 packet of Spinach

100g of Stilton

Handful of Almonds ( sweet, savoury or plain)

1 tbsp  course or wholegrain mustard

2 tbsp Honey

1/4 cup of white wine Vinegar

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

To make this Stilton salad:

Cut the celeriac in half, and put half in the fridge ready to use for another day. With the remaining half, peel the skin of this and grate this, along with some carrots and put these and the spinach into a bowl.

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

In a jug, put the mustard, honey and vinegar and mix well. Add a dash of salt and put to the side, ready to use.

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

With the almonds put these into a pestle and mortar and give them a slight bashing, you still want some chunks but no whole nuts.

Stilton salad with celeriac and almond

Crumble the cheese over the Celeriac, add the almonds and the dressing and mix this together well, making sure that all the dressing is evenly coating the vegetables.

Before you serve this, mix this well again as the dressing may of seeped to the bottom of the bowl.

Serve the Stilton salad and ENJOY !!

Check out this little healthy number….

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