• The best leftover turkey curry recipe

    Turkey might not be a meat that you buy often, but if you have any left over from Christmas then you will love this leftover turkey curry recipe! I had previously bought several turkey crowns from M&S reduced to £4.20 each and had frozen them. I cooked a roast with one Turkey for 8 people […]

  • Turkey Samosas Recipe

    Turkey Samosas only 20p EACH ! We had several children over for tea last night, and I thought I would shy away from the usual pizza and chips, I had picked up some reduced Turkey mince and I had a bit of a brain wave. I always try and show my children different foods and […]

  • Bad boy spicy potato recipe

    This bad boy spicy potato recipe are a fab take on the regular Bombay potatoes, minus the oil and the calories. Even better if you make this dish the day before you intend to serve it, as the flavours will infuse more and a fab dish to serve at a BBQ, buffet or even with your Fakeaway. […]

  • Keema Naan – Homemade And Delicious

    This keema naan is homemade and totally delicious! When my children started to choose going for an Indian over a meal at The Harvester, that for me was a very proud moment, and is stored with first steps and the first day at school !. I love Indian food and thankfully so do my children, […]

  • Tasty Lamb Kebab Recipe

    This tasty and homemade lamb kebab recipe is soooo good and such a tasty meal for the whole family! This is a fab bit of grub to pop on a buffet table, they took me around an hour to make but at £1.20 for 34 kebabs, I think it was well worth the effort ! […]

  • Curry Kits By Post!

    Curry kits by post? Did you know they were a thing? Well they are – and they are well worth a try! Support a small Scottish business with their delicious spice kits which they put together by hand and send out to you. All the recipes are developed by Thea, the brains behind Sri Spice. […]

  • Lamb and Pumpkin Curry – £1 Per Portion

    This lamb and pumpkin curry is so delicious and costs just £1 per portion! I love this time of year as I can put my heating on and wear my onesie with pride. Also the orange , rust and yellow veg graces the vegetable section in the shops and it often goes into the reduced […]

  • Thai pork mince with a tomato and coriander salad

    This Thai pork mince with a delicious side salad is a quick and easy meal for the whole family. This simple, colourful yet super tasty Thai pork mince meal was super easy to prepare, made the whole house fragrant and even the kids ate it (minus the coriander !). I picked up some minced pork […]

  • Anything goes lamb curry recipe

    This anything goes lamb curry recipe is exactly what it says on the tin! This is another simple lamb curry recipe, but its got so much stuff in that you don’t need to serve it with anything, it has the curry taste but it looks like a stew. Pop it in your slow cooker in […]

  • Butter paneer curry for £3

    This butter paneer curry is soooo tasty and can be made for just £3! This dish looks complicated, but it is really easy. The cashew nuts and cream put up the price, but i only price the dish on half the cost of the nuts and cream as i only used half of both. ( if […]