Curry kits by post? Did you know they were a thing?

Well they are – and they are well worth a try! Support a small Scottish business with their delicious spice kits which they put together by hand and send out to you. All the recipes are developed by Thea, the brains behind Sri Spice.

curry kits by post

I love my curries and as I have said previously, my local Takeaway and I  have a fab relationship, so when I heard about curry kits being sent by post, then I jumped at the chance of reviewing them.

Sri Spice is a small Scottish based business run by the lovely Thea, she specialises in developing her own recipes and spice kits to make lovely Sri Lankan Curries at home. Thea runs this herself, and it is nice to share with you a woman’s passion and hard work going into a product rather than a large big fat cat company. She then sends out all her delicious curry kits by post, filled with vibrant spices to help us make those mouth watering curries.

Thea grinds, toasts and mixes all the spices by hand in Scotland and I hope that she gets the recognition that she deserves, for all the hard graft that she puts in. I have not been paid or affiliated with this product at all, I am just sharing one persons talents for flipping clever food. Check out her website.


I have never eaten a Sri Lankan dish before, so when I made the Galle Curry it was a very pleasant surprise, for me it is like a cross between a Thai and Indian Curry, which is not heavy but full of flavour and the colour from the spices was fab. My kitchen smelt fantastic when I was cooking it, and I could imagine my neighbours being well jell should the smell waft into their homes !.


The kit was very simple to follow and it came with a easy to follow recipe card, and follow point spices. I just provided the coconut milk, prawns and vegetables, so at £3.75 for the kit and with your ingredients, you would be looking to make a curry for around £8 and under, ( less if you used left over chicken or plain veg !) and this would be enough for a family of four.


I luckily picked up some King prawns from M&S, so this was a perfect addition to the curry, The coconut milk was bought in B&M for 50p and the Potted Coriander plant which I will use for several dishes only set me back by 60p. The Garlic and Ginger was from my store cupboard and cost around £1 at my local Indian supermarket, These are fab to keep in the fridge as they can last for agers.

dscf1075 I started of by marinating the prawns in lime juice and one of the spice bags, I mixed it up well and left it while I made the other preps for the curry.


The second bag of spice was then  fried for two minutes in some hot coconut oil.


Next, I put in the marinated prawns, followed by the coconut milk, garlic & Ginger and then waited impatiently for my other half to come home so that we could eat it.

We both really enjoyed it and we will be ordering several other variety’s of Thea’s curry kits by post, for both ourselves and for Christmas Gifts ( as mine are often food based !)

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into curry kits by post and any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly X


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