Have you ever thought about making a slow cooker chocolate cake? I really wish that I was with the 3% of the human population that really disliked chocolate, but unfortunately, I can hold my hand up and say that I am a fully-fledged chocaholic. Cadburys, Galaxy, and Nestle are top of my list, but when it comes to posh choccy you can keep it! Slow cookers are a dream for making cooking easy but many only use them for meals.

In this recipe, I am letting you all in on the secret that you can make chocolate cake in a slow cooker too! This slow cooker chocolate cake is a game changer!

First though a money-saving tip:

The first couple of days in December are the best for buying chocolate, you can pick up unsold advent calendars for pennies, and spend an evening going through 24 little scrummy chocolates and even store them, ready to pop into brownies or meltdown into dipping sauces. Genius right! The same can be done with Easter Eggs or Valentine’s chocolates.

Now this super simple slow cooker chocolate cake is magic, it has three advantages! Firstly, its ruddy lush, secondly it is something that you can prepare and leave, and thirdly your house will smell like a chocolate melting pot.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

All you need to prepare this dish is a Slow Cooker, your favourite chocolate and a basic chocolate cake mix, which you can pick up in Lidl or Aldi really cheaply. You can of course choose to make a cake mixture from scratch, but save yourself the time and effort by just using a cake mix you have picked up.

I fancied being a tad healthy and used mint aero and matchmakers (mint is a leaf, so in my books that means a tad healthy !) but I have previously used Chocolate orange (OMG !!!) Galaxy, you name it. A fab previous cake I made was with Maltesers, and I added 2 tbsp of Horlicks in the cake mix, which gave it a really fab taste, but have a play around and please comment with any fab discoveries.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

So start off with your cake mix, and separate it into two portions. Grease the slow cooker bowl with some butter and pour half of the cake mix in the bowl. Then add a layer of your chosen chocolate.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

Then pour the remaining cake mix on top and add another layer of chocolate. Cover with the lid, turn the slow cooker on high and just leave it for around two hours. It should be really moist and gooey. A lovely slow cooker chocolate cake.

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I saved a piece of aero to crumble over the top and served it with Ice cream, but it goes well with cream or on its own. I hope your all grabbing your coats and are off to buy a shed load of chocolate and if you’re as weird as me, you would be licking the computer screen as the pics are so ruddy lush. Anyway gang, here are some pics of a chocolate orange cake that I made. Enjoy, try and share (ha, ha !) and let me know what you think.

choc cake 4.jpg

Go forth, chocolate lover, and create away! I can’t wait to see your slow cooker chocolate cake.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake