Admiral Young Driver review.

My 12 year old son Arin really is Magic ! He knows Everything, is never EVER wrong and assures me that cups and plates will load themselves into the dishwasher while he just stands and stares at them ! Arin is a tween that is progressing into a teen (Let us pray !!) and I am starting to find Birthdays and Christmas ideas a tad thin at the moment. Gone are the days of Toy shops and soft play centre’s (I hated those soulless, hard chair, cold coffee drinking places anyway !) and in it’s place has slid the computer games and scooter era. So as I hate him being sat at the Xbox for hours and I am rapidly losing my “cool mum” status as I limit the amount of time he plays on that damn thing,  But I am finding it really hard to find things that are interesting for him.

Admiral Young Driver review.

When I was asked to write a review about the Admiral Young Driver, I actually had a Del boy moment of rubbing my hands together and saying Lovely jubbly ! When I told Arin the plan, I swear I actually seen his lips give a semi smile ! I told you he is almost a teenager !

Admiral Young Driver review.

Admiral Young Driver is a fab way of getting your children a totally different experience and will make them become more road aware. A driving licence can only be obtained at the age of 17 but stats show, 1 in 5 newly passed drivers will crash in their first 6 months, so this is what prompted Young Driver to come to the rescue. Children aged between 10 to 17 can have anything from a 30 minute lesson to a half day of skills driving, which runs through basic car control to reverse parking. Thankfully Donuts and drift turns are off the menu but they do offer a Bentley experience for the real car enthusiasts. Recently , they have also started the 5 to 10 year old school, where they get to have a bash at driving a two seater electric car.

Admiral Young Driver review.

It was fair to say that Arin was actually bricking it before we sat in the car, His lovely instructor put him at ease straight away and went through everything really clearly. After a 10 minute briefing, he was actually in full control of the car and was driving around like an old pro (Honestly !)

He drove in and out of cones, reversed into a space and was taught how to pull away using signals.

His first words to me when he jumped out of the car were, “Do I have enough pocket money saved for another lesson ?”

Arin was presented with a Drive diary, which will keep all of his experiences logged and noted.

As I have always been honest with you, I will warn you that this is not the cheapest experience for a child, but with regular offers and promotions, it can be a great way to keep the cost down. This will be one of Arin’s Christmas gifts, as he honestly did really enjoy it and I will also get my daughter Emma started six months before her 17th birthday, as unfortunately she really lacks confidence, so hopefully this will give her a helpful push before she goes on the real live roads and has a melt down.

I hope you have enjoyed the Review, post me any questions and I will answer them.

Kelly xx

I was not paid for this review and my honest views are my own.