An Aqua Park Cardiff Review

Fun at Aqua Park Cardiff
A ruddy fab teenage adventure !

A ruddy fab teenage adventure in Cardiff !

So its rapidly approaching that time of year where the teachers air punch and the many owners of teenagers, start rubbing their temples with a dash of despair !

Yes, its the summer holidays where purses run dry and parents run around in circles. For the young families its a tad easier due to afternoon naps and air conditioned soft play centres, but its a whole lot of holy moly when you have a teenager ! Too young for lots of things, yet too old for others,  its that hard zone of what can I do to make the sprogs get off social media and willingly jump into the car for a day out !

A ruddy fab teenage adventure !

 My 14 year old son Arin spends his weekends between the Xbox and the skatepark, he hates shopping unless a big greasy burger is promised and generally hates any type of day out that I recommend, so I really do struggle.

I was kindly given two tickets for the Aqua park Cardiff in return for an honest review, So I packed Arin and his friend David up for a morning of fun.

This fab little find is based in Cardiff Bay and can only be reached by foot, check out the website for more info regarding parking. It is open 7 days a week until the 9th of September.

A ruddy fab teenage adventure !

We booked in for the first session of the day, which consisted of a ten minute safety briefing and then 50 minutes in the water. A worry the boys initially had was that the water looked freezing, but that moan was quickly put to sleep with the supply of wet suits. The safety briefing was to the point, quite funny and generated an air of excitement, but was well organised and efficient at getting the group of eager families and excited friends down to the waters edge.

A ruddy fab teenage adventure in Cardiff !

The mixed group of around 30 all entered the water and were soon on the inflatables after a brief swim to get to them. It was closely monitored by lifeguards both on the assault course and driving around in the boat. 


A ruddy fab teenage adventure in Cardiff !

What’s lovely, was the fact that you can take a deck chair down and watch the victims being catapulted into the water, this was extremely humorous and made many people walking past to sit and watch for a while. When the boys session came to a close, they were out of breath, happy and ravenous. All in all, a fantastic adventure for the kids and young at heart and I would highly recommend it for a day out. Adults get to relax and have a laugh whilst the kids get some adventure and some hilarious fun. What could be better?

My top tips would be to…..

  • Look out for any vouchers or discount codes, as it can be quite expensive.
  • Get the earliest session as parking can become difficult later in the day.
  •  If your not participating, take a towel or deck chair to sit on and watch.
  • Make use of the location and use a 2 for 1 meal code in one of the Bays restaurants afterwards.

It really is a fun day out and exactly what the kids need after being cooped up all year, either at home or at school. If you are local, definitely check it out and see what your kids think of it!

Have a flipping fab summer !

                                     Kelly xx