See what we thought of the Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kits.

Move over Gourmet Meal kits with the oh so Gourmet prices… there is a new kid in town and it is gonna knock you for six!

Ready to cook supermarket meals

Aldi ready set cook meal kit

Cooking from scratch is thankfully the latest craze to hit our homes, and personally I think it is flipping fab. I really dislike the generic, rubbish packed freezer food that are supposedly quick and cheap to feed ourselves, when actually it works out just as economical and often quicker to cook from scratch.

With ready made meal kits now popping up from the Posh delivery service options to our Supermarket’s, now is a great time to have a tinkle !

Aldi ready set cook meal kit
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

Aldi have recently launched a new Fresh Meal kit, that is not only full of flavour but also Spot on with the price, as they start at £2.99!

Waitrose have meal kits starting at double the price of £5.99 with Tesco and Sainsburys quickly jumping on the bandwagon with good meal kits, but highly priced !

Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

I have taken 3 different meals from the range and have called over the two harshest of judges, My Mum and the Mother in law, as I know they will give me their VERY honest Views.

Review of Aldi Ready Set Cook Chicken Fajita Kit

First up was the Chicken Fajita Kit for two that is currently retailing at £2.99. When I started to cook this, I decided that this meal could easily be stretched to a 4 person meal, as the chicken was plentiful. I diced the chicken into smaller pieces and followed the easy to follow cooking instructions. When it was cooked, I removed the ingredients and put them to the side, and poured a little bit of chicken stock into the pan and stirred up all the remaining fajita flavours, I then added half a tin a sweetcorn, a tin of cooked chick peas, half a tin of chopped tomatoes and some cooked rice. This was mixed together and some finely diced coriander was mixed through the rice. With some tortilla wraps and salad, this would easily become a meal for 4 for under a £1 each !

The kit was easy to follow, the chicken and peppers plentiful with the seasoning spicy. A Delicious Chicken Fajita Dish !

Aldi ready set cook meal kit

Aldi Ready Set Cook Korean BBQ Pork kit

This kit, that sells for £3.49, contains some pre marinated pork strips, fresh Asian vegetables and a BBQ sauce.

Again the cooking instructions were easy to follow and the meal was ready in less than 10 minutes.

Aldi korean BBQ pork cooking in a pan with marinated pork strips vegetables and BBQ sauce
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

If you are a fan of Star anise or aniseed then this will be a winner dinner for you. The pork was lovely and tender and the sauce thick. A real recommendation if you like to try something different.

cooked pork in BBQ sauce
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

Aldi Ready Set Cook Beef Stroganoff

And finally our last meal kit was the Beef Stroganoff £3.99

This is a huge family favourite, so we are a great judge on this dish ! A good portion of beef and mushrooms are in this pack with two sauce sachets, which is great ,if like me you like heaps of sauce.

Again ready in less than 10 minutes and hovered up in less than 3.

Honestly, it was delicious and both the judges and my father were very impressed.

beef stroganoff with rice
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

Real food doesn’t have to cost stupid prices and the flavour and quality far outweighs that of anything ready made. These kits are all for 2 people, but with added veg and extra sides, these can be stretched to feed more mouths with no one feeling hard done by ! So the question is Would I buy these fresh meal Kits from Aldi again ?

Absolutely and so would the judges!

Kelly X

I was not paid to write this review, this is my honest view.

DIY tortillas with rolling pin and flower
Aldi Ready Set Cook meal kit review

Why not have a go at making your own super simple Tortillas !