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I could start this post with so many opening lines…from a comical approach, an angry start off or even a weepy one liner ! But I am going to bring you into our whirlwind of a life that started around three years ago, and give you an understanding of living with a teenage girl with anxiety.

The photo that you see above is that of my Daughter Emma, who is a beautiful girl both inside and out. We took this photo in Newcastle after we flew there from Wales, we were going to see a specialist to try and help her. We took this dramatic step which was both difficult financially and mentally, as we were desperate for help, and no matter how many doors we knocked ( or tried to kick down !) we couldn’t get our screams heard. Ems had stopped going to school as I realised the impact it was having on her was so detrimental to her mental health, that it was not helping her at all. CAMHS were the biggest waste of time ever and we were totally on our own with no one to help, guide or support us and we were paddling up shit creek watching our daughter crumbling before our very own eyes. I really wanted to stay clear of anything in tablet form, as I am a great believer in the world of medicine being a world of money making and was looking at holistic approaches to try and help.

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After some research, I found that Passion fruit flower tablets was going to be our best starting point as it helped with sleep ( Emma was up all night !)  also helped with Anxiety and was recommended for young adults. So after splurging out around £30 we started Emma on this natural remedy, but we didn’t see many results.

A chance meeting of a customer on board a flight to Denver, introduced me to the world of CBD and they were screaming it’s praises. It helped them with anxiety while flying and was also used on the passengers children to calm them down, and honestly the kids were either really, REALLY good kids or they CBD oil worked some serious magic.

In some states in the US it is legal to sell marijuana for medical or retail and luckily for me there were many dispensary’s around my hotel. So armed with my passport and dollars, I headed off for a master class in CBD.

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When it comes to the world of Cannabis, I had my pre conceived ideas of skanky lowlife smoking druggies ( jog on PC police !) and I felt almost criminal going to get some, I almost convinced myself to buy a hoodie !.

When I was welcomed at the dispensary by two well spoken, middle class Americans, my view kinda went up in smoke.  I was given a really in-depth conversation about CBD and how it has helped soooooooooo many different aliments from Mental to Physical conditions with astonishing results, and that is has been proven to dramatically help Anxiety. I purchased CBD without the THC (this is what can make you high !) and almost stuck my arms out of the plane windows, so that I could flap and get us home to blighty quicker.


I had no problem giving Emma the CBD as it came in a droplet applicator and even better than that it was in watermelon flavour which was a bonus, as had it been off the rankometer scale, then it could of been an issue, I also had to do a little bribe with a promised trip to Footasylum as it is officially cool for Teenagers.

We started with a 5% strength, that was set to work around 20 minutes after application, and within 3 weeks of using the CBD oil  three times a day, we managed to get Emma to come to a friends 40th birthday which was full of strangers and other teenagers ( which was a huge obstacle for her) Now this is a normal feat for most families, but we are talking about a girl who will only go to McDonalds if we use a drive through, go shopping early on a Monday morning as that is the quietist time and stay in the whole weekend, as not to risk busy places….so in our world this was a miracle !

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This is a huge deal for me to come forward and share with my readers an hugely personal piece of family business, but if my success with CBD helps any other family in my situation then I am sending you a high five ! The recent highlighted stories in the press about the lovely mum fighting for her young son to have the cannabis oil to treat her Epileptic son and the Home Secretary Sajid Javid giving her an emergency licence for her young son to have the oil (OMG, a politician with a brain cell !!!!!) this has got to scream volumes !

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I personally contacted Love Hemp, as they are one of the UK’s most trusted provider of great quality CBD oil and asked if it was ok for me to include them in my write up. It is a 100% no bullshit  personal account of what it has done  not just Emma, but our whole family and I have will receive NO affiliate links or payment from Love Hemp, basically this is being written for free !

Sharing is caring and I feel with this growing epidemic of anxiety within our younger generation and so little help on offer from our health service, Sharing what you know helps !

Kelly XX


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