Rogue Fox Coffee House


New Places to Eat in Newport City

Newport is throwing out more independent eateries than Greggs at Lunchtime, and a huge high five to the folks that are brave enough to turn a dream into a reality !.

I am so ruddy passionate about supporting local traders, that I try to promote this as much as possible on the Channel 5 show Shop Smart, where I show people how to eat fab food on a budget, unfortunately My promotion of local butchers, markets and bakers etc is still very thin, but I have very little say in the matter. When I write an article like this and show people that live in the area, what is actually around them, some remove their blinkers to see a whole new world of “WFT that is frigging awesome”, right in front of them ! So hopefully, this article will help both the independent trader and Local folk. I am also writing this for free as I really, REALLY want these traders to succeed. 

So please share this article, share the love and encourage new traders to start their dream. Town has officially died, with empty shops which are not even selling at rock bottom price in auction and more skanks floating around than Ritzys closing time in the 90’s !.  The more independent places that pop up, will fetch much more hope to the city and make Newport Flipping Fab again !

I have chosen several places that I think are worth visiting, I am not being paid or bribed for any of these mentions and most places included, haven’t a scooby about this article. I just feel very passionate about skipping the chains of mass-produced warmed up meals and giving our local folk a well-earned pat on the back.

The Secret Garden

I will only share the new Independent restaurants, run by local folk that will often serve you a main of their heart with a side order of their soul. These traders have often taken huge risks to pursue their dream , and they wear a huge coat of crazy loans, insomnia and passion. We should applaud and support this rare bread of gamblers as many of us are talk and no action kinda folk, and it takes a whole lot of goolies to see your dream become a reality. Social media can often make or break these guys, as there are a tad too many shady keyboard warriors ( If your one, then close this page and foxtrot Oscar !) Please think before you leave a stinking review, if your served a seriously shit meal with even worse customer service then go ahead, but if its something small, grow some and speak to the management, it could be something that they are not aware of and rectify easily. #thinkbeforeyouslay


Ragtag Pizza is a new addition to Newport and screams ” I know my Pizza”

Based in Clarence place, this small but full on eatery, is a must visit, as not only do they throw the real McCoy of pizza at you, but it’s also well priced.

menu ragtag
Ragtag Menu

With high-end sourced ingredients, well thought out combinations and pairings, this will tick many a Pizza snobs boxes, and even going one step better, they have an awesome Vegan offering which includes cashew ricotta  and a full on green pesto.

Rogue Fox Coffee House on Clytha Park road, is a prime example of a uber cool Coffee shop with some seriously good coffee with equally decent seats. Open from 7am until 5pm, this already has a cult following which is soon to increase as they have taken over Meat next door. The kitchen space has doubled, so they will be pushing the  Breakfast menu as well as having REAL food from local suppliers and sharing the latest taste trends. Keep a look out for supper clubs, specials and decent Micro beers. 

Rogue Fox Coffee House


Did you know that we have our very own Willy Wonker, that has just set up shop in Newport Arcade. Marilyn at The Chocci cake company, has only been trading for 5 weeks, but when you see the artisan Chocolate cakes and homemade fudge offerings, something tells me she is going to be one busy bee. This self-trained chocolatier and Artist can make you anything made with chocolate, from shoes to Wedding cakes and it really is a case of seeing is believing.

Something really special about the shop is her homemade Fudge, personally I cannot stand the waste of calories, but when I was force-fed some of her honeycomb chocolate fudge , my view changed as it was 50 shades of OMFG ! Unfortunately, for my rapidly expanding waste line there is a wholeeeeee lot of flavours, so only enter this shop if your brave.

If you like to eat with a side order of ethical and feel good food, then Falafilo will most definitely  cross those boxes for you. Started and run by a beautiful Syrian family that escaped war torn Syria, this is a brave move for some seriously displaced emotions.

Located at the top of the High street, this is a great place to sample, scoff and belly rub some traditional Syrian food made from scratch. However, if you are not brave enough to sample some Meze or tabbouleh then they do offer chicken wraps and other regular dishes at very reasonable prices. Also check out some of there offers on Groupon.

 Wy Da Baguette Bar at 13 High Street is another Must Visit independent Deli. Maddie & Gary both left their senior management roles to run with their dream, and they are seriously sharing the love with their home cooked grub. If you’re a fan of Scotch eggs, decent Vegan grub or just a decent Panini then this is a must visit.

Wy Da

The Homemade Scotch eggs start at £1.95 and range from the traditional pork version to their speciality of the Black pudding egg and also a must try Chorizo version. If that don’t float your dingy, then the hot pork buns with freshly made coleslaw is on point.

Wy Da

Just across from The BMW garage is The Health Hut, which has become one of my favourite Places to grab something quickly and not feel guilty about it. Sat next door to Greggs, this feisty little shop ticks so many boxes from weight loss friendly, Paleo, Weight training, slimming world…you name it they have the meals to go with your flow, without the crazy price tag and generic ingredients.

Coriander, sweet potatoes, Avocado as well as many other super fresh and colourful ingredients grace the menu as well as everyday favourites. They also stock skinny sauces and a huge range of Sports Nutrition Supplement’s. On a scale of 1 to ten this place rates as an 11 so #checkitout !


Anyways, I hope this has given you some food for though (excuse the pun !) please comment if you have any other recommendations or KIND mentions on the above establishments. Please share this to let other people know about the great places the Port has to offer and tell the Chains to Jog On.