Do you know Morrisons reduction times?

I quickly popped into Morrisons yesterday and had a quick chat with a man with a reduction gun, he was quite open and gave me a low down on the Morrisons reduction times, but please note stores can differ slightly, so it is also worth asking a friendly member of staff to confirm the times.

Many of my recipes use reduced foods as I want to show that you can cook up a healthy meal on a low budget.

Morrisons Reduction Times

For products still on the shelves the day before the sell-by date, they get reduced that evening by 20%. But around 3pm items that are on their last day, get reduced by 50% and then again at 5pm they get reduced by around 75%. Of course, the reduced items can be moved around slightly, by 8pm the pies and cooked food are sold off for pennies.

One of my best finds in Morrisons was a large cheesecake for 1p – now that made me happy! The other best buys in my local Morrisons always seems to be pies and warmed up foods. These are great additions to the teenagers lunch box!

Look for the yellow stickers!

If you have any tips or comments, please chip in as it is great to share as we all love a bargain and reduction times are a great help! Share the times you know like I’ve shared Morrisons reduction times here.

If you ever see a group of people stalking the poor shop assistant with a reduction gun, walk away. If this happens, I  will always tend to give it a miss, as the whole wide world of bargain hunting is never worth the hustle and bustle, pushing and shoving for a few bargains.

I have previously witnessed a poor young shop assistant, violently tossed to the side, all in the name of bargains, and I feel if people are willing to lose their dignity and respect for some reduced minced beef and yogurt, then they must obviously be either extremely hungry, have a large family of ten to feed or are just bargain crazy.

Try and avoid being greedy, just take what you need. be kind and leave some bargains for somebody who may generally be in desperate need of some help. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Try this Slow-cooked Beef curry recipe, that only cost 70p each using reduced food!

Morrisons reduction times slow cooked beef curry with red onions and chips
Meal made from food bought during Morrisons reduction times.