simple tomato pasta sauce recipe


Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

Open your eyes………

When this was played on the radio yesterday, it really rang true! Seriously what the Jeff is going on? It’s like we are living in a film, but not with zombies, just brain dead people walking around and having day trips out as if its a holiday!

The Doctors and nurses pleading with us to stay home, yet a good 25% are sticking their fingers up to these heroes, the hero’s that will be saving their arse in their time of need !!!! GGGRRRRRRR Rant over ( but I could go on, and on, and on !!!!!!). However, we are all (most) stuck in our homes, trying to keep the kids entertained, stopping the sibling rivalry, trying not to continually scoff ( I am struggling !) rearranging every cupboard and trying to get over the shock of having an empty washing basket!

My poor dog Millie is hiding because she has no paws left, we are all individually taking her for a walk every day, but now when someone now shakes her lead, instead of doing fifty excited 360* turns, she now looks at us with utter exasperation!

I have always kept my freezer stocked, its a habit I have carried on since being a stewardess. You see, I always worried the kids would run out of food if I was stuck somewhere, so there was always an abundance of grub to keep them going. I stood back from the bulk buying, however, I did get some extra soups and tins of tomatoes, pasta etc. So easy to make some pasta and perhaps a quick and simple tomato pasta sauce recipe too.

I really, REALLY want to avoid having to go out, so I have planned to utilise everything I already have, which will not only save me a bit of money, rotate my freezer and dry stores and also give me a bit of purpose, as I am sure I will be bored shitless soon.

I have scouted through my freezer and planned all of my meals for two weeks, any leftovers will be for lunch the following day, and I can also jazz it up a bit so that it doesn’t become a bit repetitive. If I have mashed potato left, I will mix with some cheese and chutney, whip up some pastry and make pasties, left over curry or Bolognese can go into a jacket spud  etc.

Pasta is a great staple to have during these times, as it’s super frugal, leftovers can be turned into a pasta bake with extra ingredients and you can experiment with sauces. I never EVER buy jar sauces, as they are generally full of rubbish (check out the ingredients ) are expensive and taste just OK. I love to make a tasty and simple sauce, using a tomato based one. Everyone in the house loves my tomato pasta sauce recipe so I hope you do too!

Here is a really simple tomato pasta sauce recipe, it freezes really well and is super simple to whip up.

Simple Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe

  • . 1 Tin of tomatoes
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • Fresh Basil chopped.
  • A good pinch of black pepper
  • 2 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • Cup of grated cheese.
  1. In a pop everything in a saucepan except the cheese, slowly let it simmer for about five minutes.
  2. Let it cool and blend it with a soup blender or transfer it to a blender.
  3. When it is a nice smooth consistency, pop it back on the hob let it simmer and add the cheese, mix it well and add to the pasta.
  4. To make the sauce go further you can add grated veg or Tuna to make it more substantial. I often add red wine and parmesan or white wines to my sauces but nothing too expensive.

If you would like any help or have questions on how to be a frugal cook and make your food go a bit further, then please leave a comment.

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Stay Safe,

Kelly x