What did I think of the sushi kit I was sent to review?

sushi kit

Sushi has a love hate relationship in my family, and only two of us like it. So when I was asked to review a Sushi Kit, I thought the Sushi lovers would love to have a go.

DSCF0658 (2)

The Yutaka sushi kit comes in an easy to open box, and it contains everything you need to have a go. I left the whole task of sushi making to Ioan who is 10 years old, so it very straight forward to follow. The sushi kit comes with step by step, easy to follow instructions, and we read through the pointers before we started.


I did have my reservations about getting the rice at the correct consistency, but we followed the instructions down to the last dot and it worked great.


While the rice was bubbling away, we cut up our peppers and cucumbers and got ready for our next instruction. We were then ready to rock and roll.


Once the rice had cooled down, we added the rice vinegar and set up the rolling mat and Nori (or seaweed paper as we named it !)


When we put the rice on top of the Nori, it became a little tricky, as the rice kept sticking to the spatula, so we improvised and used fingers and a wet spatula which made life a bit easier.


We then laid our chosen filling on top of the rice, a diagram on how to place the filling would have been helpful, but we just had a guess and it worked out well.


The rolling of the Sushi, was my most feared moment, but it was actually pretty easy, and I am guessing that after several sushi sessions, you can actually become a Sushi star.

The hardest part for us was cutting up the sushi, I reread this section several times as I found it extremely hard to cut the Nori, without pushing the rice out of the ends of the roll. The instructions do tell you to use a very sharp knife, but I wondered if soaking the seaweed earlier would have been helpful as we did struggle.


Well, this was our end result, it went down extremly well. We had several of our children’s friends over and those who dared to try it, actually really enjoyed it.


We did not eat the Wasabi but we did love the pickled Ginger, and  it was one of the nicest ones that we have eaten.


So would i recommend this kit ??

You bet I would, I always try to get the kids involved with cooking and I think that this kit is a great way of introducing them to something different, fun and easy. There are lots of different fillings that you can try from tuna to chicken to mango.

And at £3.99 ( in ASDA) it will hardly break the bank.