This prawn ricotta pasta with dill comes in at just £1.37 per serving!

Prawn ricotta pasta with dill
Prawn ricotta pasta with dill

This prawn ricotta pasta with dill is a simple, colourful and flamboyant meal that will fill up the family on a budget. I picked up some reduced prawns from Waitrose, some reduced dill and ricotta from Sainsburys, so I thought I would chuck them together and see what I came up with and the result was a yummy family-friendly dinner that we all enjoyed.


You will need…..


Handfull of chopped dill

Ricotta cheese

1 packet of spaghetti

50g butter

3/4 garlic cloves chopped

1 onion finely chopped

Half a glass of white wine.

Green leaves i.e spinach


Cover the spaghetti in a pan with boiling water, add a good dash of salt and a drop of olive oil and let it gently simmer until its soft.
When it is soft, drain and leave it stand for about a minute in the sieve to remove all the excess water.


While the spaghetti is cooking, clean the king prawns and check that they are clean, if they have the intestines still inside,  slice open the back of the prawn with a sharp knife and remove.


Fry the onion and garlic in the butter until the kitchen stinks and the onions are soft.


Add the prawns and coat in the butter, fry for a further minute.


Add the dill, ricotta, wine, salt and pepper, stir and let it simmer for several minutes.


Add the sauce to the spaghetti, stir it well but don’t break the spaghetti.
Make sure all the spaghetti is coated well, Dish it up onto plates and add a handful of rocket, spinach etc with a drizzle of olive oil to glaze the leaves.

Another simple dish, with a few ingredients but heaps of flavour.

I hope you enjoy my prawn ricotta pasta……

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