This coriander chicken curry is so delicious paired with some tasty coconut quinoa.

Coriander chicken curry
Coriander Chicken curry

I am officially cold, so I’m looking for meals that warm my cockles. As I previously mentioned, my slow cooker has risen from the back of the cupboard, and I’m trying several different recipes with it.

I recently had a huge success with a chunk of beef, cooked in red wine and cooked over several hours, the gang loved it, it was hovered up in no time and I had no moans from Lord fussy arse, so expect that edition soon.

However lets talk convenience and spice, and this chicken curry and coriander recipe ticks those boxes. I thought I would be super healthy and try my hand at Quinoa, and it actually turned out really nice. So here is the deal…..

Coriander and Chicken curry

You will need…..

I was extremely lazy on this meal as the chicken that i picked up was already roasted and the spices were a steal at 19p.

Chicken portions( with bones in to release the flavours)

Diced Onion

1 packet of tandoori spice mix

Several small diced peppers

Tinned tomatoes

Any veg to use up.

2 cups of quinoa

2 chicken stock cubes


Coriander and Chicken curry

Place everything except the quinoa and stock cubes into a slow cooker or oven proof dish with a lid and cook on a low heat for several hours.
The chicken should fall away from the bones.

Coriander Chicken curry

Wash the Quinoa really well in cold water and then put into a pan.

Coriander Chicken curry

Add the stock cubes , 1tsp salt and boiling water, mix well and cover.
For 2 cups of quinoa i would use 4 cups of water.

Let the quinoa gently simmer and when all the water has been absorbed, remove from the heat but keep the lid on for about 5 minutes.
If the quinoa is still crunchy, add a bit more water.

Coriander and Chicken curry

Plate up the chicken and the quinoa, sprinkle on some

coriander and enjoy……
If a hot curry is your poison, add some chilli’s to the pot when cooking, crack the chilli’s for extra heat !!!!

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