I set myself the task to feed my family, two adults and 2 children for a week with just £20!

To feed your family with this small amount (around 70p each per day) takes will power, planning and forward thinking so here’s how I got on!

£20 a week food challenge!

multi coloured magnetic letters on fridge holding £20 note 'savvy shopping guide for mums'

I have used meals that can be stretched, manipulated but still can still be enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong i have almost turned off to the chippy several times, but i want to show people that it can be done in a fun, healthy and yummy way !!!

Healthy eating on a budget

I have tried to include a 5 a day rule and a healthy streamline, but it has gone off track on some days ( i’m only human ;)) so here goes………

Day 1 – total £3.46

A bag of bagels with condiments came in at 36p

Morrisons bagels in a plastic bag with yellow tag on them 19p

Homemade Turkish mercimek corba ( lentil soup) with wholemeal crusty bread only £1.10

picture of pasta sauce, Asda granary bread with yellow tag on for 30p. tube of garlic puree, herbs, red onion and green stock cubes on a chopping board
mercimet corba in a bowl alongside triangular cut bread on a chopping board

Cod and chips only 50p per portion.

mix of ingredients, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, red onions and cod (majority with yellow tags).
cod and scallop sliced potatoes with spinach on the top