£20 challenge

  • Day 7 of the challenge ( HURRRRRAYYYYY)

    Poached eggs on toast are a firm favorite of ours ans this only cost £1.10 I picked up some nice panini bread in Asda for 44p, and i had some lovely mozzarella to use up, soi mixed it with some parsley and seasoned tomatoes and they turned out better than any we have eaten before. […]

  • Day 6 of feed my family with £20 for 7 days.

    As a family, we started off the day with some chocolate and coconut porridge topped with a banana. A firm favourite with the children, it is a quick, cheap and filling start . Breakfast 22p Lunch wasn’t the most exciting, but it was made up of left over chicken, red onion, tomato and mayo sandwiches. […]

  • Day 5 of the £20 challenge

    Breakfast consisted of wholemeal toast, topped with Ricotta and honey, an unusual yet  lovely combination. This only cost 26p I picked up a pack of three Houmous from M&S for 15p (5p each), and as i had some flat breads aswell, i decided to toast them in some olive oil so that they would crisp […]

  • Day 4 of the £20 challenge

    Ok, so we are now on the hump of the week and we are running a little bit over target, lets hope that i can rein it in  bit !!!! Breakfast 59p We picked up these ready to bake croissants in the chilled reduced shelf at Co -op for 59p, So we ate these for […]

  • Feed my family for a week with £20 | Day 1

    I set myself the task to feed my family, two adults and 2 children for a week with just £20! To feed your family with this small amount (around 70p each per day) takes will power, planning and forward thinking so here’s how I got on! £20 a week food challenge! I have used meals that […]