Day 3 total £2.92!

Day 3 has started of with some filling and healthy porrridge which has come in at 40p for the four of us.

flatlay of porridge with plum and breakfast seeds

I used Lidl oats which are only 35p for a bag, i used maybe a 1/4 for the 4 of us, it was topped off with breakfast seeds and a diced plum (all on offer)

Cheap lunch

2 packed lunches 70p
2 left over sheperds pie

picture of peanut butter, frubes with orange reduced tag, pancakes and fruit with yellow reduced tags

Affordable classic dinner

A kids favourite for tea, hotdog and healthy fries (thank god for my actifry !!!!)

yellow sticker potatoes, bread rolls and Lincolnshire sausages
sausages in bread roll with tomato sauce, mayo and actify potato chips on a wooden board

And a healthy dessert. 51p

mixed fruit pudding  using reduced greek yogurt