This cod with chorizo recipe is just 70p a pop!

cod with chorizo recipe

So many people have a limited amount of fish in their lives for two main reasons, it is expensive and its difficult to cook ! When in actual fact, that is a double wrong! This cod with chorizo recipe is super affordable and so full of flavour.

If you take yourself along to the Sainsburys fish counter you will often see fish marked down, or even better go at their magic hour (ask an shop assistant of their magic time) and you will pick it up soooooo cheap !

I picked two pieces of cod for 84p, 2 pieces of haddock for 62p and two salmon pieces for 74p. These went straight into my freezer, and sat their quite happily until I was ready to use them !.

With regard to cooking them, the easiest way is to make a foil parcel and cook it in the oven, which is low on mess and full on flavour !.

The health benefits of fish are fab and they are often very low in fat, which makes it great for someone looking to lose a few pounds healthily and a great meal choice for kids are they are stuffed with Vitamin D and omega 3. !.

They are also very versatile and always go with different flavours and sides !

Smoked Haddock can make your house smell 50 shades of rank.

Put some lemon juice or essential oils in water and pop this in the microwave for two minutes, this can help with the smell !

To make this cod and chorizo recipe, you will need…..

2 Cod fillets

2 tbsp. Ricotta cheese

6 slices of chorizo

2 tbsp. tomato puree

6 basil leaves

1 tsp chili flakes ( optional)

salt and pepper

Turn the oven onto a medium heat and lay out a sheet of foil. Place the fish skin side down and spread half of the ricotta over one side of the fillet, lay the three pieces of chorizo on top. Repeat with the other Fillet.

Place the basil over the chorizo and on the other side of the fish, spread the puree and sprinkle on the chilli flakes.

Roll the fish up tightly, keeping all the filling inside, and make a parcel with the foil around the fish, we are going to let the steam cook the fish, so try and make sure it is sealed.

Pop this in the oven for around 15 minutes and please be careful when you open the parcel, as it will be holding a lot of steam.

I served this cod and chorizo recipe with some spaghetti, tossed in garlic butter with finely diced basil and chilli flakes.

I hope you enjoy this delicious cod with chorizo recipe for just 70p a pop!

If you like fish, why not try this frugal but delicious dish!