A delicious dessert is the perfect way to end any meal, isn’t it? For people with a sweet tooth, there is always room for dessert. Whether it’s a gooey chocolate brownie or a rich and creamy homemade ice cream, finishing on a sweet treat is generally the done thing. 

Around the world, desserts form an integral part of any meal, while also being steeped in history. For example, in some countries, people consume desserts in the afternoon with a cup of tea, while other cultures might have a specific dessert for breakfast or in the evening. There are more popular dessert options than others also. For instance, while some people might enjoy the odd fruit-themed slot game, tucking into a fruit-based dessert doesn’t appeal. Likewise, some people despise coffee in desserts, while others don’t even like chocolate. Thankfully, we live in a world where people with a sweet tooth have most definitely been catered for! In fact, there are some delicious treats being served up in a number of countries. Some options don’t cost an arm and a leg either. Let’s take a look at five below. 


A tasty treat from Brazil, brigadeiro is made using three main ingredients – unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk. An affordable dessert, the aforementioned ingredients are rolled together to create small truffle-like balls. Dating as far back as the 1940s, the dessert was originally created as a cheap and tasty snack that uses just a few ingredients. While it’s not the most intricate of desserts to make, it’s certainly packed full of flavour. For Brazilians, brigadeiro is a favourite. 


A British classic that contains layers of deliciousness, trifle includes sponge cake, fruit jam, egg custard, chocolate, meringue, and essentially anything you like to create the ultimate bowl of goodness. The sponge is usually soaked in brandy or port, although there are a number of variations. Usually served in a glass bowl, trifles can come in all shapes and sizes, while also being alcoholic or non-alcoholic. A dessert that stems back to the Victorian era, trifle is easy to make and doesn’t need to be expensive. 


A classic from Greece and Turkey, revani is a simple and relatively cheap dessert to prepare. Featuring semolina, sugar, and flour, with optional flavours being added including the likes of vanilla, lemon zest, or rose water, this sweet but light delight is gorgeous. People occasionally sprinkle desiccated coconut or ground pistachios on the top of the cake also, while whipped cream and fresh fruit is also favoured. A dessert that can also be found outside of Greece and Turkey, revani is well worth baking for yourself if you’ve never tried it. 

Egg Tart

A famous dessert from China, the classic egg tart contains flaky pastry with a creamy egg custard centre. Believed to have been influenced by western offerings, egg tart is similar to a British egg custard although not as creamy. As such, an egg tart is easier to make and kinder on the wallet, with most of the ingredients requiring little investment. While making an egg tart can go wrong on occasions, it’s certainly worth nailing it in the end given its amazing taste. 


A go-to Swiss favourite, meringue is probably best paired with fruit and cream, but it can be enjoyed on its own. While it looks sophisticated and can be seen in upmarket restaurants, meringue only contains egg whites, sugar and some kind of acid, such as cream of tartar or vinegar. It’s easy to make, light to eat, and it can pair beautifully with mixed fruit or chocolate.

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